Sebastian Junger’s Scary Near Death Experience

How to Prepare and Give a Wedding Toast or Speech

A well-prepared toast or speech is a wonderful addition to a wedding celebration. Keep your toast or speech short, between 3 and 5 minutes is best. (Speaking at a moderate pace, you’ll need approximately 75 to 100 words for each minute.)

Do You Know the One Thing All Great Public Speakers Have in Common?

There are a number of traits that dynamic speakers have in common, all of which culminate in one specific attribute. Please note that not all ‘professional’ speakers are great in their delivery skills so I am not talking about everyone who makes a high salary on the public speaking circuit. There are many, many dynamic speakers who are not being paid to speak professionally.

What To Do With Your Hands When Public Speaking

Have you ever worried about what to do with your hands when you speak or present in public? Well, worry no more because in this article I will reveal some interesting facts about the psychology of gesture to help you start using your hands with purpose and impact.

Amanda Blair, A True Performer And Public Speaker

A keynote speaker can save an event from total disaster. Engaging a bored and unresponsive audience takes a special talent and charisma.

TED Talks – What Makes Them So Good

If watching amazing presenters giving awesome presentations fascinates you, then no doubt you’ve already checked out some of the brilliant videos on As I am a communication skills coach I feel I can safely admit to having a moderate to heavy obsession with watching TED videos and I’ll often try starting conversations about my favourite talks with friends, family and colleagues – in fact anyone who’ll listen really. This is mainly because I am a sad fan of TED and I’ve done what sad fans do – deconstructed the talks in great detail – and guess what? I’ve decoded the formulas of my favourite presentations.

6 Things To Never Say During Your Speech

Time and time again we see many of these public speaking sins being repeated. The key to most of these is to be well prepared and be aware – so be professional and create a credible presence. Here is a list of 6 things you shouldn’t say during your presentation: “I have a lot of things to cover, so let’s get started right away.

How Voice Training Improves Your Diction

When I first started my voice business, my husband remarked that he did not understand what my clients were saying in their ‘before’ recording. He was, however, able to understand everyone in their ‘after’ clips. Why were my clients speaking more clearly in their ‘after’ recording? While I will certainly help someone with his/or her enunciation if there is an obvious problem, accent reduction is not my specialty.

Must You Be an Expert to Get on the Public Speaking Circuit?

The answer really depends on your topic. There is one situation in which the answer would be, ‘no.’ Let’s say, for example, that you have survived a death-defying event and are being interviewed on TV to talk about your experience. Labeling yourself as an expert is a non-issue.

Who Is in Your Audience?

When it comes to speaking in front of an audience, no mater if it is ten people or ten thousand, it pays to know who is in the audience. The importance of doing your research cannot be underestimated and will help to make your presentation a success. In order to both connect with your audience and to have them relate to you there are certain aspects to be aware of when speaking.

“The Fear of Speaking” – Toxic Phrase, Toxic Results

The “Fear of Speaking” is an over-hyped, over-sold phrase. Tired of Delegating instead of Participating? Lose the Fear and embrace the Future.

President John F. Kennedy’s Major Asset As a Speaker

Why did President Kennedy emerge as the dominant orator of his generation, and remain revered generations later for his speaking skills? This article mentions several possible factors, then spotlights one Kennedy asset that made him a star among history’s speakers.

How to Avoid These Public Speaking Blunders

There are some things you can avoid in public speaking which will help ensure that you are a success the next time you address an audience. Please understand that I am not talking about the occasional mistake which happens to all who are presenting. What I am referring to are specific characteristics that are often found with the novice speaker (and sometimes the professional one as well).

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