Scott Eastwood Talks About His Dad, Clint Eastwood

Do You Know the Difference Between Projecting Your Voice and Shouting?

When you need to speak with more volume, do you know if you are yelling or are you projecting your voice? If you are like most people, you probably yell or shout to be heard. The problem with increasing your volume in this manner is that it is hard on your throat and vocal cords. And, it can also be hard on your listeners’ ears.

How to Untie Your Tongue!

Are you more adept at having mental conversations than real-life ones? Do you have good knowledge and vocabulary yet struggle with words every time you open your mouth? Is it difficult to recall the right words at the right time? Someone asks you something and suddenly bang! Your mind draws a complete blank. You cannot remember the words you know. You are aware of the answer inside your head but you become too nervous of how it will sound once you speak out. Suddenly you feel your tongue is glued to your mouth and no matter how hard you try it won’t move. Have you been in such situations before? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes then what you are suffering from is the inability to “untie” your tongue. In other words, do you feel tongue-tied?

Sensational Presentation Skills Series, Inspire Your Listener!

Presentation training is easy when you relax into it. Want to calm your nerves while speaking to an audience? Do you know the easiest, simplest and most inspiring Soft Skill to use? Learn to inspire them with one of the simplest yet most effective Sensational Soft Skill there is; making every breath a joy.

When Speaking About Controversial Topics, Opinions Count

Hey, are you looking for a fight? If so, then why not stand up and deliver a speech on a controversial topic? The importance of public speaking means that we have the tool with which to tackle this tricky subject. You’re sure to tick off 50% of your audience by the time that you sit down. However, you’d think that there has got to be a better way to go about talking about a topic that not everyone sees eye-to-eye on. The good news is that you’d be correct. It turns out that there are a number of things that you need to do when you pick a controversial topic to talk about…

No Two Speaking Engagements Are Alike

You’ve practiced your script; you know your material; you’re excited about your upcoming speaking engagement; your delivery is very strong. However, your audience’s reaction to you is less than stellar. What went wrong? Why didn’t they enjoy your presentation?

How to Write and Deliver a Genuine, Original Eulogy

A helpful guide to handwriting and reciting a eulogy. Included is a step-by-step outline to writing a personal eulogy as well as performance and delivery tips for even the most anxious of presenters.

Creating A PowerPoint Presentation: Golden Tips To Put In Place

A good powerpoint presentation is paramount for you to be successful in your career or in your business. To ensure that you create a professional presentation, here are some tips that you should put in place…

3 Types Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is divided into three main types: informative, persuasive, and entertaining speaking. Informative speaking is the most common type of public speaking. The main purpose of this type is to share one’s knowledge of a subject with an audience. For example, you may be required to instruct your coworkers on how to use new software. You may also be asked to report to a group of managers how you are progressing in your latest project.

Politics, Religion, Sex: How Do You Talk About This Stuff?

Let’s face it: we all want to talk about politics, religion, and sex. The TV shows that we watch, what our politicians seem to spend their time doing, and what we read about in the paper all clearly show us these are the three topics that interest people the most. However, if we don’t go about doing it correctly, we can cause some serious problems…

“Like” – How to Stop Saying “Like” All the Time

When you listen to interviews and conversations, you cannot help but notice that many people use expressions such as ‘like’ continually. What are these verbal habits all about, and how can we break them?

Setting The Stage – How To Look Like A Complete Amateur

I play guitar and sing at a local club every couple of weeks. On stage, they have two arrangements of microphones, one pair for someone standing and playing, one for someone sitting down. Obviously, the idea is that you go to whichever arrangement you need, depending on whether you’re going to be standing or sitting down.

Can Public Speaking Hypnosis Help You Speak Confidently in Public?

Public speaking is one of the top fears that people have. Whether it’s a presentation at work or in front of a larger audience, hypnosis can help. There are lots of reasons for this – the worry of stalling and stuttering and generally getting things wrong, wondering what other people will think of you and lots of other thoughts that prey on your mind.

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