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The Art Of Anchoring

Anchoring is an idea in public speaking that is used when giving a presentation to an audience. It is a way for the speaker to “mark their territory”. When used repetitiously, it helps the audience to remember what the speaker has said.

What Is Anchoring?

One of the main ideas behind public speaking is called anchoring. Anchoring is a way of “marking your territory” while giving an address to an audience. When you use this anchor often enough during speaking, it will help the audience remember your words.

Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Death by PowerPoint! We’ve all experienced it at some stage… and may have also been guilty of it ourselves. Here’s how to create effective PowerPoint presentations to avoid alienating your audience.

It’s TV Time: What A Speaker Should NOT Do On The Air

Giving a speech in front of an audience can be one of the toughest things that you’ll ever do. Unless of course you are invited to be on television. Having watched 1,000′s of hours of television you might naturally assume that you are the perfect TV guest. That’s where you’d be wrong…

Presentation Skills: Tips For Overcoming A Fear Of Public Speaking – Part 1

Are you frightened of speaking in public? You’re not alone. Being nervous can be a good thing if you can harness the energy, but a bad thing if you cannot function and you forget what you are going to say next. This is the first in a four part series of tips on easy ways to overcome your fear of public speaking and help guarantee you have a successful presentation.

Free Retirement Speeches

Free retirement speeches need a personal touch. Touch base with other colleagues to get some great stories you can incorporate. As you deliver your free retirement speeches, keep eye contact regularly with the retiree as you speak to your audience. Public speaking is very high on fearful things to do, if not number one.

‘Any Questions?’ Is Not The Answer!

Most speakers tend to eliminate a strong conclusion from their presentations. Instead, they ask “Any questions?” or say “That’s it.” They are missing an opportunity to motivate their audiences to take action.

Refining Your Speaking Skills – The Importance of Tempo

In public speaking, when you express from a place of genuine connection with yourself and your story, most of the skills you need are already in place. That’s why you may be great when speaking one-to-one and in small groups but then lose your capacity in front of a large audience. When you’re “home” with friends and colleagues, your volume varies according to what you are speaking about, your gestures are natural when you leave your hands free to move, your eye contact is authentic, and your body language matches what you are saying. That’s because you are coming from what’s real rather than an idea of what a speaker is supposed to do. Your assignment now is to bring that same ease to the speaking platform by making a few small adjustments in your everyday communications. The tempo, or pace, of your speaking allows people to track your words and take them in. Whether you talk rapidly or slowly, the key is to vary speed. A shift in pacing can wake people up, just as a sudden silence can cause an audience to sit on the edges of their seats to hear what you will say next.

How to Address an All-Male Audience

While it is definitely easier to speak to female audiences, you can have as much success with male audiences if you understand the differences between the two. In addition, knowing the makeup of the particular male audience you are addressing will be to your advantage.

Vocal Abuse – Causes and Cure

You know the problem; however, you don’t know how to solve it. You have chronic hoarseness or a pain in your throat. Possibly you are losing your voice by the end of the day. And, one of the qualifiers with the above problems is that you are not sick. What is happening and what can you do about it?

How to Address an All-Female Audience

My first piece of advice is to relax and enjoy it. With a doubt, an all-female audience is much easier to address than an all-male audience. Women are quicker to voice their approval and to express laughter. And, it is their response to your words or your message that can boost your confidence and make your presentation that much easier and fun to deliver.

Warning: Holiday Treats Can Hinder Your Speech!

Whether you are full speed with Holiday networking at parties or taking it easy this season, the following foods are ones that I have on a “caution list” for my clients if they are preparing for an appearance on-camera or public speaking. If you are presenting or speaking on camera, the holiday foods could sabotage your performance!

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