Robert Jones Spent 24 Years in Prison After Wrongful Conviction

Great Wedding Speeches Don’t Just Happen

Great wedding speeches don’t just happen by accident. They are crafted and adapted to the individual. One of the most feared tasks on the wedding day for lots of people are the wedding speeches.

So You Have a Public Speaking Gig at a Major Conference – Helpful Checklist

One of the best ways to make sure that you have all the bases covered is to use a checklist. When you are speaking at a major conference you can’t afford to make a mistake. In this article you’ll discover fourteen items that should be on your checklist.

How to Get More Leads and Referrals Every Time You Speak

Public speaking is one of the best ways to generate leads and referrals, especially in today’s market. Why? Because you need to be visible to sell.

Tips on Public Speaking – Organizing Your Speech to Address the Needs of Your Audience

Probably the most powerful and long lasting way to provide value to your audience is to recognize a problem that they are facing and provide them with an appropriate, professional-grade solution. But how do you present your solution? How should you organize your presentation? In this article you’ll discover a basic four-part structure for a problem-solving presentation.

Emotion While Public Speaking – Why It’s Always Necessary

How do you feel about what you are speaking about? Do you show it in your speech? In this article you will discover why you always need to include emotion.

Principle of GSSG

When listening to presentations by experts, have you ever noticed that some of those presentations were interesting, while others were boring? Have you ever wondered how and why this difference happens? The author, an expert in cross-cultural exchange, gives his opinion on why it happens and how to avoid making your own presentations too technical and boring, including steps you can take to make your speeches more understandable and interesting.

Tips For Using a Microphone While Public Speaking

Discomfort with the idea of using a microphone keeps many people from public speaking. The microphone seems like a very scary thing, and everyone has seen it used poorly. That’s why knowing how to properly use a microphone will put you ahead of most of the crowd. All it takes is practice.

How to Properly Introduce a Speaker

One of the most important functions of any host is to introduce people to one another. It’s the poor host who forces his guests to introduce themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than in public events with the introduction of a speaker. But not all of us are masters at the introduction. In this article you’ll discover how to properly introduce a speaker so you’ll sound like an expert.

Why Pace is Important When Delivering a Speech

Have you ever been to a speech where the speaker seemed like they were in a race? Or maybe they seemed to be imitating a turtle? Then you’ve experienced pace at work. In this article you’ll discover five reasons that pace is so important when delivering a speech.

If the Thought of Public Speaking Gives You Heart Palpitations, You Must See The King’s Speech!

Without a doubt, “The King’s Speech” deserved its Oscars and I would recommend it to all. Yes, I enjoyed the biographical aspects and the acting; but, what is even more insightful is how this man was able to overcome a debilitating vocal ‘handicap’ in order to deliver speeches during his reign as King of England.

Nelson Mandela’s Tips On How To Customize Your Next Speech

Hopefully everyone knows who Nelson Mandela is – he’s the South African leader who’s tireless efforts helped to get rid of his country’s oppressive apartheid policies. What is less known is how he marshaled world opinion in order to support the change that he wanted. It turns out that one way he made this happen was by giving speeches that uniquely connected with his audiences…

The Task Of A Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker has a lot of weight on his or her shoulders. It seems easy and fair enough to be attentive and adhere to the words of such spoken eloquence, but does one ever think of what goes on behind the scenes? The spectator’s view is one of a settled and expected perspective. There is little to perhaps no consideration to the preparation that goes into speech preparation, focus and maintaining the undivided attention of the spectator from their perspective. Simply maintaining an assertive and engaging monotone speech is a feat within itself.

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