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Are You Aware That Your Soft Spoken Voice Is a Liability?

In today’s fast-paced business world, speaking in a soft-spoken voice is definitely not to your advantage: you need to be heard the 1st time you say it. While softer levels of volume may be culturally correct in some countries, here in the States, we tend to talk in a volume that is comfortably heard by all in the same room.

Discover the Best Way of Increasing Your Volume If You Are Soft Spoken

If you are soft-spoken, there is a right way and a wrong way to increase your volume properly. Just speaking ‘louder’ is not the answer. In fact, the difficulty for those who speak softly is that when they do try to increase their volume, they think that they are shouting.

Don’t Speak To Strangers: 5 Ways To Bridge The Gap With An Unfamiliar Audience

You remember a warning your parents, teachers, and other guardians gave you repeatedly during your earliest years: “Don’t speak to strangers.” They cautioned that talking with people you don’t know was a risky practice that could bring dangerous results. Let’s apply those words of wisdom to your professional life, when you’re going to speak to an unfamiliar group. This article provides five ways to bridge the gap with an unfamiliar audience.

Give Inspiration to Your Employees Through a Business Keynote Speaker

In any business, there will always be issues regarding employees and staff. A business owner needs to see to it that all of their employees are happy with how the business and operations are going so that they can be productive and energetic when it comes to their work.

Media Training 101: The 3 Biggest Media Interview Mistakes

Doing a media interview has the tendency to make otherwise confident, eloquent people say really dumb stuff. You need look no further than the evening news to see the proof. But there are strategies you can employ – strategies that the reporter doesn’t want you to know about – that will boost your confidence and credibility, and help you avoid a media interview meltdown.

Dare to Understand English Idioms!

English Idioms are fixed language expressions used to convey an underlying message and are not meant to be taken literally. In an effort to assist any English Language Learner, following are some common English Idioms and their meanings likely to be heard frequently. You’re encouraged to look up many more on your own. Ready? Here are just three for starters:

What Elite Speakers Always Do

Are you ready to take your speaking career to the next level and join the elite? To do that you have to look at what defines those great speakers, and examine how they got there. This article looks at some of the things all truly great speakers have in common.

Professional Speakers and Targeted Marketing

Most speakers have limited resources for their marketing so getting the most out of what you spend is important. Learn to use your resources, both time and dollars, in the most effective way possible. Targeted marketing will get you the biggest bang for your buck!

Does Courage in Politics Still Matter in America?

Some years ago I was introduced to a book that presented extraordinary examples of political and moral courage, and which has guided my belief in politics and democracy over the course of my involvement at a party level. I often leaf through the well worn pages when exposed to week or undeserving political leadership. Not surprisingly the events in America (and at times in Canada) over the past year have caused a review of the entire book, front to back. I wish, during such turbulent times, I could send a copy to each of our political leaders including party members, as a reminder to all why we commit to a specific political philosophy and why, once elected to govern, we must consistently gauge our moral compass and progress against these principles.

Professional Speaker Networks

Are you unsure of how to start your professional speaking career? If you have wondered this you are not alone. Most successful professional speakers have found a way to tap into a network of experts.

If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, Why Should Your Audience?

One of the most important skills you need in public speaking is the ability to believe in yourself; otherwise, why should your audience? Many people approach the lectern or the head of the boardroom table, thinking they are going to fail. If that is your approach, then your chances of success are greatly reduced.

The Secret to Connecting With Your Audience

One of the secrets of dynamic presentation skills is the ability to connect with your audience. In that sense, the idea is to make each person think you are talking directly to him/her. How is this possible if you have an audience of 50, 150 or 500 people? There are several things you can do to achieve the connection.

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