Rick Doblin on Treating PTSD with MDMA Therapy

5 Secrets for Successful Public Speaking

Like many others, you might also be intimidated by the idea of speaking in front of an audience. There are many ways to overcome your fear of public speaking. Read these five tips and find out how.

Public Speaking: How Mindset Creates Opportunities – Part 1 (Conditioned Self’s Job)

How a Public Speaking Mindset Creates Opportunities Mindset creates opportunities because you’ll see your visions come to life when you believe in them. When I’m working with professionals to present information successfully, it comes down to a critical asset: mindset.

Public Speaking: How Mindset Creates Opportunities-Part 2 (Your New Job)

Review of Part 1: Conditioned Self’s Job In Public Speaking: How Mindset Creates Opportunities-Part 1 (Conditioned Self’s Job), you realized the potential harmful effects of the conditioned self on your ability to create opportunities through public speaking. You learned that the job of the conditioned self is to protect you from vulnerability, pain, and discomfort.

After Dinner Speaking – Tips For Improving Your Skills

As a professional speaker, you will be called up to the stage to speak in various situations. Delivering a power-packed after dinner speech is an art, and by improving your skills you will be able to impress the audience in the easiest possible way. After enjoying a satisfying meal, most of the people will be thinking of leaving as soon as they could, and hardly anyone expects you to make an impressive speech.

Increasing Your Confidence As a Public Speaker

The assignment to speak before a crowd can seem to be very intimidating. Fortunately, anyone can be a confident public speaker by following the 3 tips mentioned in this article.

3 Helpful Pointers for Aspiring Motivational Speakers

Thinking of working as a motivational speaker? Here are 3 helpful pointers to get you started in the right direction.

The Wisdom of Hiring Motivational Speakers

Is your business stuck in a rut? Are you losing profits rapidly due to unproductive and pessimistic team members? Motivational speakers can be a great way to bring positive change into your business.

After Dinner Speaking – Some Of The Best Ideas

If you need to give a speech at one of your private or corporate parties (or events) then you must consider polishing up your after dinner speaking skills. Hosting a great event is all about preparation and application of the right skills. You must make sure that you prepare yourself well and work hard in the right manner to impress all your guests with your speech.

3 Tips for Getting a Return on Your Visibility Investment

The Power of Discomfort What makes you feel good? Some would say a sense of comfort makes them feel good.

Your Speech Is Not Over When You Are Done Talking

When is a speech really over? Is it when the last word has passed your lips? Is it when you step down off of the stage? It turns out that neither of these answers is correct. Your next speech won’t be over until your audience tells you that it’s over.

Public Speaking: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of public speaking brings up daunting emotions for many. One way to ease this discomfort is to better understand the factors of public speaking.

If You Can Read the Paragraph Below With Expression, You’ve Got Color!

One of the exercises I provide for my clients is to read a nonsense paragraph, making it interesting for the listeners by means of color and tone. Color refers to the vocal variety in your voice as well as your facial and body language. Tone, on the other hand, deals with the vocal expression of a particular mood or attitude which is dependent on your subject or topic.

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