Remi Warren’s Amazing Story About Rescuing His Wife

What to Look For in a College Motivational Speaker

When students in college need a boost of energy to help them pull through a tough semester or year of school, keynote speakers can be a saving grace. Hiring a college motivational speaker to encourage students to stay focused on their long term goals can improve their morale and general mood. College students often feel bogged down with seemingly mundane and routine activities and tasks.

How to Start Your Speech in Debate Rounds – 3 Suggestions

So many debaters start their speeches with an overview of arguments rather than an assessment of why they are winning the debate. One of my favorite techniques is one recommended by Dallas Jesuit debate coach Dan Lingel. His suggestion is to point out three mistakes the other team made.

Characteristics of the Greatest Motivational Speakers

The greatest motivational speakers in history are those who are not only able to motivate and captivate and audience’s imagination for the duration of any given event. In addition to being entertaining and motivating during the event, the voice of reason they are able to offer to the audience will continue to resonate with them as they go about their lives.

Using Financial Motivational Speakers to Achieve Goals

Financial motivational speakers have the uncanny ability to convince audience members to achieve even the most lofty of personal financial goals. Often, everyday people are simply afraid of the risks involved and of the possibility of failure while trying to attain their long term financial goals. Because of these fears, they are hindered to only achieve a fraction of their full lifetime potential in monetary wealth.

Policy Debate – Structure and Rules

There are four debaters in a policy round and each makes two speeches, for a total of eight speeches. Each debater also has a chance to cross-examine his opponent, which adds an additional four periods to the round.

The Benefits of Hiring Through a Business Speakers Bureau

Working with a business speakers bureau to find the correct business speaker for your particular event can help you avoid hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional speaker. When making an investment in something as costly as motivational speakers for a sales meeting or group conference, you always want to be sure you are making a smart investment for your company.

Searching For Inspirational and Motivational Speakers

Inspirational and motivational speakers help motivate and engage people by giving powerful and entertaining speeches. A successful motivational speaker will be able to easily create a memorable and life changing presentation specifically tailored to whatever event you need them for.

Inspirational Business Speakers Help Improve Productivity

Arranging for your company to hire inspirational business speakers for an event or meeting can help improve productivity within your business. Morale will be boosted and the speaker can help encourage your company’s employees to maintain the necessary motivation to perform well each day.

Public Speaking Success – Building Your Marketing Foundation

As a Public Speaker, your professional image and presence on the web is critical. This is the foundational step upon which all marketing and promotional efforts rest. Learn how to improve your image, and your profits!

Public Speaking – Use of Storytelling

Public speakers use storytelling to convey a message or lesson to a crowd. People will are more likely to remember a story far more than a speak or a technical talk. All speakers use this method. CEO’s, political leader’s, authors, salesmen, the list is endless of people using a story to give a message.

The Buzz Phrase of the Century

The grammarians of the world cringe every time someone says “Wow that is very unique.” In the world of business marketing to claim value in being a unique individual or company makes confusing copy.

How to Effectively Resonate With Your Audience

The key to being an effective public speaker is to be able to resonate with your audience. Discover what it takes to connect, ready, set, go!

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