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How To Claim Your Expert Status

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge with others, but are not sure what exactly to speak about? In this article, you will find questions to answer that will help you claim your expert status and start sharing your message with the world.

Focus on Your Mindset

Your mindset will determine your success in public speaking. Successful entrepreneurs have strong beliefs and do not live life based on hoping, dreaming, or wishing. Within this article, you will find tips on how you can focus your mindset to help your business grow.

Bring Your Story To Life

Are your stories simply a chronology of events or do they come alive when you tell them? Check out one story told both ways and see the difference for yourself. Then breathe life into your stories by incorporating character and dialog the next time you share them with your audience.

Go Out and Get Clients!

Are you the kind of person that stays in your office, spending time on Facebook and Twitter to find new clients? You’re not alone. Here are some reasons why you should step out of the office and start sharing your message face-to-face!

The Power of Story

The power of an engaging story is priceless. These four tips will make you a better storyteller, will have your audience sitting on the edge of their seats, and will move people to action.

Planning Your Keynote Speech

Do you want to give your audience all of the information you have on your topic in your keynote speech? Instead of overwhelming them with tons of information, follow the steps outlined in this article to create a focused and targeted keynote speech.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

So how do you write a persuasive speech? How to you win over your audience? Aristotle, in Ancient Greece, believed that you had to combine ethos, pathos and logos. This article explains how these ancient truths can enhance your persuasive speaking.

How To Feel Comfortable Making Your Offer

Many speakers are not comfortable when it comes time to make their offer. If you establish your value and show tangible results, your price becomes irrelevant and you will get more clients.

How To Rock Your Virtual Speeches

You should prepare for your virtual speaking events the same as you prepare for your live events. Here are tips to make sure your teleseminars rock.

Don’t Take The Stage Without Doing THIS First

The old adage “practice makes perfect” is true for public speaking, too. If there’s one thing you need to do before giving your speech, it’s practice, practice, practice.

Not Booking Speaking Gigs? Here’s Why

If you’re not getting as many speaking gigs as you’d like, take a look at these possible reasons as to why. There are tips included on what you can do instead to book more speaking events.

How-To: The Art of Selling From the Stage

If you don’t feel 100% comfortable making an offer when you’re on stage, you’re not alone. This article shares tips on how you can get more comfortable and become great at delivering your call to action.

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