Rapper Has Gold Chains Implanted Into Scalp

How Body Language Works

Televisions shows like the Mentalist and Lie To Me have increased popular culture awareness of body language. Learn the basics as to how body language works.

Public Speaking Fear – Learn From the King’s Speech

And the Academy Award for Webcasting goes to…YOU. Just take the advice of King George VI’s speech therapist. Find out simple techniques to podcast, webinar or radio show with great effect and without fear.

How To Use the Power of the Pause in Public Speaking

Learning how to use the power of the pause can be one of the most effective skills an orator can acquire. Pauses can be so powerful that some even give this advice–when you’ve no idea what to do, just pause and smile. Even if you’ve fully prepared and rehearsed, there are times when your mind will go blank up there. It happens even to the most seasoned of speakers. If and when it happens, just pause.

Get Over Yourself – Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Is the fear of public speaking selfish? Overcome the fear of public speaking by focusing on your audience and showing that you care.

The Fine Art Of Grooms Speeches

Making a speech on your wedding day is a really big deal. There is a lot of pressure to make sure you cover everything from praising your beautiful bride, to thanking her parents and your guests for being there. Getting married is one of the biggest steps that anyone can take in their lives.

An Orator’s Beginnings

The first time Frederick Douglass vocally expressed his desire to be free to anyone aside from a fellow slave, it was to two young white boys who had once helped him learn to read. For the first time aloud, he questioned his right to be just as free as any man. Just a young boy, he evoked their sympathy for his condition as a lifelong slave as well as their own personal hopes for him to some day be able to claim that freedom.

Using Best Man Speech Examples To Write A Great Best Man Speech

Being asked to be the best man at a wedding is a wonderful honour. It means that the groom values you as his closest friend and that he wants you up there with him on his big day. One of the main duties of the best man, apart from keeping the groom relaxed and composed, is to deliver a speech about the groom.

Strategies to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Dear Friend, I love public speaking. I love the ability to talk to others and share idea’s with them. I love to look at the impact I am having on the lives of others.

Life Lessons: How NOT To Open A Speech

Let’s say that you owned a lot of real estate. One of your properties was located on the edge of an ocean. You are going to want build the nicest house on that land to match the fantastic piece of property that it sits on. Turns out that you need to use the same thinking when you are creating an opening for your next speech…

Public Speaking With Authentic Charisma

Charisma has a bad name in some circles because in its unripe state it can show up as manipulative charm. But in its fully developed form, charisma is a quality of magnetic presence synonymous with character.

Public Speaking Courses – What You Will Learn in Public Speaking Courses

There are many things that can be learned through public speaking courses. They are designed with people who have stage fright and public speaking issues in mind. This is because they want to help those people come over their fears, and come into the light knowing that they can deliver the speech without having to worry about much in the end.

Tips for Avoiding Mixed Messages When You Present

Most presenters realize too late that they’re sabotaging their effectiveness by not paying an equal amount of attention to the “how” as well as the “what” when they’re speaking. I’m sure you’ve witnessed a situation where a speaker’s words were contradicted by their body language or voice. Chances are, these contradictions made you question the presenter’s credibility.

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