Quentin Tarantino on the Bruce Lee “Hollywood” Controversy

What Are the Qualities That Define a Mesmerizing Public Speaker?

These speakers are extra ordinarily powerful in articulating their speech and also in creating a one to one contact to every audience. Their language is simple and their sentences are easy to follow. They carry a great aura and this is what makes them special.

Keeping Your Communication Simple

The goal of this article is to elucidate the myriad ways in which one may attempt to use ostentatious speech in a misguided attempt to give the impression that one is erudite and eloquent. Wait… what? Let me rephrase that. Let’s discuss how people make the mistake of using big words to try and improve their speech.

Keep On Speaking

One of the keys to improving your speech is taking the opportunity to practice whenever you can. In this article we will provide tips to incorporate public speaking into your daily routines.

How to Become an Excellent Public Speaker for Your Marketing Videos

If you apply the techniques you’re going to learn in this lesson, you will have more power and confidence when giving a presentation in front of a video camera. In this lesson you’re going to learn…

The Power of Struggles, Strife, and Setback in Your Speech

A big mistake most speakers make is they attempt to build themselves up in the eyes of their audiences. To learn how your ‘failures’ are one of your best speaking tools, read on…

What Is The Key To Connecting With Your Audience?

When we want to get our message across to one of our friends, how do we make this happen? That’s a simple question to answer: we have a conversation with them. Conversations are simple, natural things for all of us to have and they allow us to convey the importance of public speaking. However, for some odd reason when it comes time to give a speech, everything that we’ve learned from a lifetime of having conversations just seems to go out the door. Perhaps it’s time to bring some of our conversation skills back into our speeches in order to better connect with our audiences.

Can I Change My Voice?

Many people don’t like the sound of their voice but they don’t realize that they can change the pitch, tone and volume of their voice. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that how we say something matters twice as much as what is actually being said.

How to Prepare Your Speech for the Big Stage

When you speak, how do you prepare for your big moment on the stage? If you want to Stand Out when you speak, use this tip from a golf legend.

How to Use Characters to Bring Your Story to Life

Of all the components in your story, your characters are the most important. Characters give life to your story. An adage in the professional speaking world states “Don’t re-tell your story, re-live it.”

How To Create A Motivational Speech

As public speakers we get asked to give all different types of speeches. One of the most commonly requested types of speeches is the motivational speech. This is a speech that is designed to make a very specific impact on your audience: you want to leave them feeling better about themselves – clearly this has a lot to do with the importance of public speaking. These are powerful speeches; however, just exactly how do you go about creating them?

Use Your Mistakes to Create a Better Speech

Many people feel that they should speak about their successes in life. They mistakenly believe that discussing their flaws or failures will hurt their credibility. This is not true. Read on to discover how to use your mistakes to create a deeper bond with your audience.

Dick Gregory – Civil Rights Speaker Who Enraptured a University Audience

University students are not known for listening attentively to campus guest speakers, yet civil rights activist Dick Gregory mesmerized the crowd at Ohio University in 1968. This article explains 5 reasons for his success.

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