Quentin Tarantino on Pulp Fiction’s Influence

How to Gesture – AKA: What Do I Do With My Hands?

Gestures, and especially hand movements, are important because they help orchestrate the language comprehension centers of your brain. In fact, your brain needs to integrate both the sounds and body movements of the person who is speaking in order to accurately perceive what is meant. If your words and gestures are in-congruent, it will create confusion in the listener’s brain and you will be less believable.

The Eyes Have It! How to Make Eye Contact With Your Audience

Effective communication is based on trust, and if we don’t trust the speaker, we’re not going to listen to their words. Trust begins with eye contact because we need to see the person’s face to evaluate if they are being deceitful or not. Eye contact increases trustworthiness and encourages future cooperation, and a happy gaze will increase emotional trust.

Does Your Speech Audience Have Clarity About Your Topic?

Context is one of the most important – and under-utilized tools at your disposal. Provide context and create a deeper and more meaningful connection with your audience.

How to Humanise a Boring Presentation

One of the biggest challenges speakers face when delivering a talk or presentation is how to bring boring, factual, staid information to life! They struggle over this thinking the answer is some ‘gift-of-the-gab’ thing few people are born with. Nothing could be further from the truth for the answer is well-and-truly in your hands. This inspirational article will show you just how easy this can be by using one simple strategy.

3 Keys to Become a Confident and Magnetic Speaker

Becoming a confident and magnetic speaker is within your reach. This article will discuss three keys to help unleash the confident and magnetic speaker within. As a confident and magnetic speaker you can catapult your life and your coaching business.

IT Managers Are Learning That It Takes Talent To Use Big Data

It turns out that there is an awful lot of data out there in the world. Some studies have shown that collectively we generate another 2.5 quintillion bytes (it’s got 30 zeros) of new data every single day and this is forecasted to double every year up to 2020. Now your company might not be producing quite that much data every day, but you are probably generating your fair share. As an IT manager, it’s going to be your responsibility to use your IT manager skills and understand what having all of this data on hand really means and you are going to have to come up with something to do with all of it.

Do Your Facial Expressions Give Your True Feelings Away (When You Don’t Want Them To)?

Many people don’t pay much attention to the facial expressions and head movements they use when they speak. They can’t understand why their listeners get confused or ask them questions about what they really mean or how they truly feel. Because our facial expressions make up an important part of our body language, we want to make sure that they match our intended message. If you are someone who doesn’t give body language much thought, then this article is for you. Using the correct facial expressions and head movements to express yourself effectively and accurately is essential for everyone, both in their business and personal lives.

Want to Stand OUT When You Speak? Sit Down First

A big challenge for many speakers is ‘How to avoid sounding canned or rehearsed.’ If you want to develop a bond with your audience, and gain trust faster, try this rehearsal tool to ‘take the polish off’ of your next speech.

8 Simple Ways To Screw Up A Presentation

Delivering a really effective presentation is often as much about avoiding the “wrong” things as it is about doing the “right” things. I still see even experienced speakers and presenters doing basic things which undermine their impact and their credibility.

How To Prepare To Give A Speech

So just exactly what happens to your heart when you get asked to give a speech? Does it drop down into your shoes? It might not be the actual process of delivering the speech that gets you or your understanding of the importance of public speaking, but rather the idea that you are going to actually have to prepare a speech to give that can take your breath away. This can be a big task. The secret to making it a doable task is to understand just exactly what you are going to have to do to get from here to there.

10 Myths of Presentation and Public Speaking

I blow apart 10 common myths around presenting and pitching. At No. 10, you’ll see the relationship between buttocks and nervous energy but I get to the bottom (uh-hum) of these beliefs and tell you the way it really is.

5 Secrets of Improv to Quickly Gain Audience Trust

Speakers and presenters who are ‘in the moment’ develop deeper levels of trust with their audiences. These five tips will show you how to use the principles of improvisational comedy to create these bonds.

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