Psychologist Describes the ADD Mind State

Media Training Tips: Mind Your Language! Avoid the Jargon Trap

Think about the way you talk in your work life – is your conversation peppered with abbreviations, technical terms and other jargon? For the outside world, this will just not do. This article will help you to avoid this particular pitfall when talking to the press.

10 Ways to Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

A few adjustments to your presentation can make all the difference in the world. Check out these 10 keys to creating and delivering a great PowerPoint presentation.

Public Speaking 101

We all tend to have stage fright and have experienced stage fright at one point of our lives. It is that feeling that reaches deep within our stomach making us sick when we are at the stage and people are watching us waiting for you to make a joke out of your ownself. But, there are things you can do to hide the fear and make you look even more professional.

Giving Business Presentations or Talking in Public

When you are giving business presentations or talking in public, you always get the chills and the thrills. That is normal but what is not normal is when you freak out at the sight of a thousand people watching you all because you are afraid that you might make a fool out of yourself. The following are tricks to keep your cool when you are in front of people at the stage.

How Far Do You Understand About Public Speaking?

Making speeches in front of people is considered a difficult task for many people. They don’t have courage and confidence to do so. They have fear talking to people. To be frank, these people do not understand what public speaking is.

10 Surefire Tips That Will Make Your Storytelling Unforgettable!

Storytelling is one of the oldest of the arts. It has been practiced and enjoyed for generations by old and young alike. It is one of the surest methods of teaching.

3 “MUST HAVES” for Your Spiritual Workshop Flyer

Spiritual workshop flyers can be an effective way to market and fill your events if the following are true… You use flyers in combination with other marketing materials and strategies. You display them in a place that has good foot traffic (provided that those feet are attached to your ideal workshop guests). Your flyers ROCK!

Royal Revelations on Finding Your Voice

Watching Colin Firth as Albert, the Duke of York in the movie “The King’s Speech” brings to life the potential difficulties and triumphs of speaking in public. Haven’t seen the film yet? Be sure to watch for these four proven success strategies.

How to Become a Pretty Good Speaker, Perhaps on Occasions, an Orator

All who wish to persuade and entertain, including most wellness promoters recognize the importance of public speaking skills. They know the ability to connect with an audience is vital to convey the expertise they have in their subject. All wellness promoters can benefit from a study of the key principles for speaking effectively. When promoting a better lifestyle, the wellness expert must persuade, energize, entertain and motivate. Yet, the fundamentals of effective speaking are not the end all, or apex of, oratory art. Such competencies are important but not sufficient for those who wish to convey REAL wellness matters in a manner that changes lives. REAL wellness speakers, given the nature of their communications, want to move listeners to new levels of expectation, new horizons for what life offers and extended horizons for what high quality of life might encompass. Public speaking for REAL wellness entails advocacy for reason, for the pursuit of exuberant living, for social change and for the advance of freedom and liberty. Such lecturing makes additional demands on the speaker.

Finding Your Voice – Thoughts From The King’s Speech

The movie, The King’s Speech, is based on the true story of King George VI of England. It is worth seeing not only because it has received wide acclaim, but also because it connects with every one of us on a common theme: the struggle one faces. Read this article to learn how you can find your voice.

Public Speaking: Gearing Your Presentation Toward a Technical Audience

When you are called on to present a technical training program, members of your audience are going to be very different from a typical public speaking audience. They are going to expect to hear information they can use immediately and learn skills that will enhance their on-the-job performance.

Speak Your Word and Change a Life

Monday, January 24th was National Compliment Day. I emailed a few people my compliments and took off for my trip. I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

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