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The Seanchaithe (The Storyteller)

The art of storytelling was an important part of our heritage but is it lost forever? Not if we take the time to get out and socialise and listen to the tales that are there to be told and nurtured in our souls. This is the place of the Seanchaithe (The Storyteller)…

Hypnosis to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that speaking in front of a large group is one of the most common fears in the world? For those who have never done it before, it may just be fear of the unknown, while others are bothered by something from their past.

Keeping Your Audience Focused on Your Message

Most people who attend presentations are there because they want to be. However, a less than dynamic delivery can make your audience wish they were somewhere else. When that happened in the past, people would either fall asleep or get up and leave. Today with the innumerable handheld electronics available, those in the audience now have a 3rd option.

The Importance to Organisations of Using the Art of the Storyteller

Storytelling is an art and a good storyteller has more than just reading skill in fact a good storyteller doesn’t read a story at all, they tell the story from their heart and they put body and soul into the telling. We all have stories to tell no matter if it is at a church or in a business where we are trying to win customers and if we can get our stories across well then we will win the hearts of our clients. Storytelling is more than just a skill, it is a gift and quite simply magical!

A Speaker Who Never Studied Voice Is Like A Surgeon Who Never Studied Biology

I sometimes voice my opinion on a forum that deals with public speaking issues and it never fails to amaze me how few understand that the untrained speaking voice can be an absolute liability. When you are trying to deliver a presentation and are unable to control your speed, your breathing, your quiver, and/or the rise in the pitch of your voice, then your nervousness is in control and not you.

Secrets To Successful Speaking That My Dog Has Taught Me

I believe that a good mentor is more valuable than an audience with good listening skills or a set of effective presentation tips. It turns out that one individual who was more than willing to provide me with the guidance that I needed to become better has been living in my house all along. He’s my dog.

101: Making a Great Presentation

One of the aspects of undertaking Vocational Education and Training courses is the ability to give an effective presentation. In my field I have watched many before and this article is a compilation of the best tips and tricks to help you improve your speaking and presenting skills.

Generational Differences

Today, we live in a world that has been affected by past generations. Each generation has it’s good traits. Each new generation learns from the past generation and each new generation brings new ideas to our world.

Public Speaking: What Many Novice Speakers Never Think to Do

It is simple, it is basic, it is fundamental, and, it is a necessity. It is something we do every day without a 2nd thought. At the lectern, however, it is something we do not allow to happen and yet it is something we cannot do without.

Don’t Become Someone’s Drinking Game: Prepare and Practice for Your Next Presentation

The critical element of preparing for a speech or presentation is preparation and practice. Preparation is research, writing, and making sure that the information is organized in a logical and interesting manner. The most difficult part of preparation is the practice…

The Threat of Public Speaking Anxiety

Anxiety is a physiological and psychological state that illustrates behavioral, cognitive, somatic and emotional components. It is known as a displeasing emotion of concern and fear. Moreover, anxiety is considered as a general word used to describe numerous disorders causing fear, worry, apprehension, and nervousness. Anxiety actually affects how you behave and feel. It manifests actual physical symptoms. On the other hand, mild anxiety is generally unsettling and vague whereas severe anxiety is extremely paralyzing and debilitating causing significant impact on your life. There are different kinds of anxiety and one of this is the public speaking anxiety.

5 Tips For Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is high up on most people’s list of fears. So if you have a phobia about speaking in public you can at least rest assured that you are not alone. Even a lot of highly rated performers are in full-on panic more before they go on stage.

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