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Public Speaking Tip: Is Your Topic Heart-Felt or Heart-Less?

“Avoid talking about controversial subjects” is a well-known public speaking adage. If you want to stand out from the crowd when you speak, ignore the recommendation in this adage. In this article, learn how to discuss difficult subjects in a way that engages audiences and promotes respectful discussion.

Public Speaking Humour: Why Start Your Own Humour Collection?

I have, in my repertoire, 5 or 6 different talks on topics ranging from humour in the workplace, humor and stress management, to the importance of a positive attitude. I collect humour on all these topics and file them under many subject headings. At present I have literally hundreds of short humour pieces filed in my collection.

How to Tell a Humorous Personal Anecdote

This is the one form of humour which requires practise to master but really goes over well in your presentations and in conversation when used at the appropriate time..

Do Not Evaluate Anything By The Outlook and Appearance

Generally, we infer anything based on one incident or experience: an incorrect way of making judgments. One Swallow definitely doesn’t make a Summer. A person emerging from the police station does not…

The 3 Jobs Of A Good Speech Title

Potentially before you even get up before your next audience, despite the importance of public speaking, they will have made up their minds as to if they want to spend any time listening to what you have to say. I know that this sounds dreadfully unfair; however, that’s just the way that life is. Your audience will have reached their conclusion when they learned what the title of your speech is. Perhaps we should spend some time talking about how to create great speech titles

Stand OUT Speaking Tip: How to Survive Your Next Speech

Public Speaking. Few words in the English language evoke as much fear and anxiety as ‘Public Speaking.’ Contrary to popular belief, excellent speakers are NOT born, they’re made. Pick up 4 critical tools to help you manage your anxiety and deliver memorable presentations.

Me, Me, Me – One Of The Worst Ways To Open A Talk!

I signed up for a webinar last week and, as usual, I didn’t listen to it. What I did was to wait for the person speaking to send out a recording so I could flick through it instead of listening to the whole thing. A good choice, as it turned out.

For Speakers: The Simple Art of High Speed Cartooning

The one comment I frequently hear at my talks is this, “I wish I could draw cartoons like that but I can’t even draw a straight line.” This is nonsense. If you can draw a straight line, a circle, an oval and a rectangle you can become a high speed cartoonist. All you need to know is a few quick tricks.

The Power Of Being Able To Tell A Really Good Story

The ultimate goal for any of the speeches that we give is to have them be remembered. The real challenge for all of us is to find ways to leverage the importance of public speaking and make this happen. The good news is that there is a simple, time-tested method that can transform a ho-hum speech into one that will be able to be recalled long after you are done talking. What is this secret technique you ask? Simple: it’s storytelling.

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: Get Your Audience’s Attention

One key to standing out when you give a presentation is to do the unexpected. Catching your audience ‘off-guard’ can grab their attention and keep them on the edge of their seats.

The 5 Step Elevator Speech Process

Putting all these things in place will create a compelling story that you can use at chamber meetings or really anywhere you find yourself surrounded by people. Even if those people are not your prospective clients they may be good referrals so having a good story is always a good idea. When written, this also makes a good introduction for radio interviews or blog bios.

Three Effective Ways to Get Speaking Gigs Through FREE Publicity

The number one, most effective marketing strategy from my experience is WORD OF MOUTH. You have probably heard this a thousand times but it is and always has been the best way to get business. The equation for speaking success and for increased business is “Get good and get known”

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