Philosopher Philip Goff on Galileo Excluding Consciousness From Science

If You Don’t Know Your Material Well, You Are Selling Your Audience Short!

One of the secrets of good public speaking is to know your material very, very well. You may not think it a secret but you would be surprised how many people approach the lectern, the stage, or the boardroom table and do not know their script. And, the only way that can happen is if you practice it out loud over several days or maybe even a few weeks in advance. How much practice you need is entirely dependent on how quickly you learn.

Help! I Have a Video Media Interview

Media training is no longer for authors and celebrities. Whether you’re interviewing for a job, speaking as a guest expert online, or even sending a video email to your friends, all public speakers will eventually use the powerful medium of video presentations.

Public Speaking Courses

Public speaking courses will teach you to learn from both your own and the mistakes of others. Recall the last time you spoke in public. What were you thinking and how did you feel on that occasion?

3 Ways to Make Your Presentation Interesting

When put through presentations we are often ignored by our audience. We do not know how to attract the attention of our audiences. Actually there is a simple way that we can do to make our presentations interesting

If Your Nervousness Is in Control in Public Speaking, You Will Lose the Battle

Of all the articles written on public speaking, the most frequent subject deals with nervousness and how to get rid of it. And while you may find that you are able to eliminate those nervous jitters after the first 5 minutes of your presentation, the problem is that your audience judges you the moment you open your mouth to speak – not 5 minutes later, after you have ‘warmed up’.

What’s Your Speaker Business Model?

Professional speakers should choose their business models to suit their strengths and leverage their long term goals. As the speaking business evolves or as the industry changes it may be necessary to rethink the business model. The article addresses the five top business models for professional speaker or those considering speaking as a business.

Reasons People Are Afraid of Public Speaking

There is something about speaking in public that gives most of us an unwelcoming thought. Even when we have knowledge about a particular subject, most of us are still likely to feel those imaginary butterflies in the stomach. What causes us to be afraid of public speaking?

Help! I’M Short! Non-Verbal Communication

If you are a tall person, you may be wondering what this topic is doing in a communication article. If you are short, you know darn well why it’s here. You’ve noticed that… * you seem to be frequently overlooked and under-heard * promotions appear to go to men who wear 44 long. The person of short stature must deal with it realistically, in full awareness of our cultural bias for the taller person. Nobody means to be discriminatory, but the old associations have a way of influencing our perceptions. Short = child, weak; tall = adult, strong, etc. If you don’t deal with this successfully you are possibly facing frustration, lowered self esteem, a lack of career progression and sometimes depression. We have become increasingly aware of the importance of non-verbal cues in creating personal impact. You need to communicate health, self-confidence, maturity and vitality. We know a lot about how to do this.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Begin Your Speech for Maximum Impact!

Competition is tough in the public speaking world. Being average and getting through your speech is not enough… you need to grab and retain your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Effective Public Speaking: Why Silence Can Indeed Be Golden!

If you want to clearly get your message across in front of an audience, guess what? You can communicate in a very effective fashion with not only your words, but with other methods of communication that do not involve speech at all. Alright, now you’re wondering how a speaker can speak to an audience without saying a word.

What You Are Seriously Afraid of With Regards to Your Worry of Public Speaking

There’s a deeper fear involved. On the subject of speaking in public, you may possibly be surprised to discover it’s not the fear of “speaking” that you’re afraid of at all. What do I mean by this?

A Eulogy to Remember

When someone is tasked of delivering the eulogy at a beloved person’s funeral, the problem lies not only in terms of being able to write the perfect speech, but also in the high level of emotions involved in the circumstance. After all, the basic premise is that the person who is asked to stand in front describing the deceased is among the, if not the, closest to the person.

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