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7 Different Type Of Speech Introductions

Unless a speaker can interest his audience, his effort will be a failure. If your topic is not one of extraordinary interest, your listeners are likely to say to themselves, so what? Who cares?

Beginning at the End

Beginning at the end will foster what I call a “purpose driven talk.” However, this requires that you know your objective before you get too far into your preparation. Just as a train needs a destination and a track, so our talks need a purpose and a structure. The purpose determines our goal while the structure maps our course.

Match Your Audience To Get Their Attention

Two things I have learned that are worth sharing. These are applicable if you speak publicly but they are also valid in other circumstances. If you are in sales or if you engage in social media then these same lessons apply.

Public Speaking: Courage Under Fire

It is well known that fear of public speaking ranks up there with fear of death, snakes, and spiders. Why is it that speaking in front of a group of people solicits such fright and dread? This article offers helpful insights to speakers who deal with anxieties and fears related to public speaking.

Public Speaking – Tips to Overcome Nervousness

Overcome your nervousness and fear of Public speaking. How I went from an anxious robotic speaker to an excited, authentic, inspirational speaker in just 6 months. Here are my top 3 tips to being an Confident Authentic speaker…

Public Speaking – Overcoming Fear, Part 2 The Presentation

Well done! You have the script in your pocket and you are ready to deliver, or are you? These tips will help you on the day and make it enjoyable for you and the audience.

Public Speaking – Overcoming the Fear Part 1 Research and Development

Getting up on your feet and delivering a faultless and riveting talk is certainly not everyone’s idea of fun. Your confidence will be increased by the planning and research you do while creating the speech well ahead of the day.

Motivational Speaker: What Can They Do?

A motivational speaker can change the environment with his or her speech. Here are some things to think about.

Giving Presentations

The key to giving good presentations is by being confident. You may feel nervous about talking in front of a lot of people but you must strive to eliminate this feeling because it would be most likely to cause a poor performance.

7 Reasons to Use a Speaker Bureau When You Book A Public Speaker

Event organisers are often over loaded with problems to resolve. Having the right celebrity speaker for your event can be a challenge. Yet it’s one that easily solved if you choose to work with a speaker bureau. Here are seven reasons that might help you.

Keynote Speakers: Booking a Political Heavyweight

A brief guide to why you should consider booking political keynote speakers. What unique dimensions can they bring to your event?

What Type of Sports Speakers for Your Event?

Selecting sports speakers for your event can be a tricky process. This guide will inform you of the different types of sports speakers so you can be sure to make the right choice.

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