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Public Speakers Need To Use More Sound Effects!

Every public speaker stands before his / her audience naked. Well, not exactly naked as in “no clothes”, but rather naked as in you don’t have anything standing between you and your audience. This is both wonderful (you can connect with your audience) and terrible (it’s all you, baby). In order to boost the impact of your speech you need as much help as you can get and sound effects are one way to do this…

“Would You Say a Few Words?”: How to Give an Impromptu Speech

“Would you say a few words…?” When people find out that you are a member of Toastmasters or that you give speeches of any type they assume that means that you can give a speech on a particular topic at the drop of a hat. If you haven’t heard the above question yet, I guarantee that you will. For this reason, you should always have a “speech in your hip pocket.” This means that you are somewhat prepared when someone puts you on the spot.

Common Presentation Mistakes

These are the most common mistakes people make when presenting. Avoiding these can make a world of difference when you are presenting.

Should You Write Out Your Speech Word for Word? Pros and Cons

You’ve been asked to give a speech. How do you prepare? One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you will write the main parts of your speech in an outline format or write it out word for word. Whichever method you choose, the key to a successful speech is preparation and practice.

Quotes by Speakers, For Speakers

Quotes are very popular for use in speeches. They can help you make a point in just a few words. They can motivate, inspire and teach. These quotes, however, are not for speeches. They are intended to help inspire you to create and deliver the best speeches possible.

Public Speaking Tips – 4 Ways to Avoid Presentation Disasters

I once heard Jerry Seinfeld joke that, because the fear of public speaking outranks even that of death, the average person attending a funeral would rather be “the guy in the casket than doing the eulogy.” Put to you this way, you’d probably want to get over your fear of public speaking (if you have one) in a hurry. This is particularly true in the workplace where public speaking is frequently a part office life. For some people, the thought of leading meetings or making formal presentations can be terrifying. Some are so terrified their muscles tighten and throats gets so dry they can hardly speak when just having to introduce themselves to a group of their peers around the boardroom table. There are a few things to write down when you prepare for almost any kind of public speaking.

2 Most Important Secrets to Giving a Great Groom Wedding Speech

Discover the two most important things you must know to make your grooms speech shine. Once you have these “in the bag” the rest of your speech will fall neatly in place.

Public Speaking: Stories Make Speeches Sizzle

Add to your speaking repertoire through effective storytelling. Learn from this chapter of an upcoming book on engaging the audience. Then go to Charlie’s blog and make your comments. More chapters from an alphabet of speech topics to follow.

Public Speaking – Top Five Tips

Show them you’re a human being too, tell something from your personal experience. This is important because with some more ‘private’ facts you can make connection with your audience very easy.

Public Speaking Skills – How to Use Your Voice As a Tool

Nearly every successful achievement in our lives are accomplished with the aid of tools. We use a bar to leverage weight we could never lift otherwise, a baseball player uses a bat, a hockey player a stick, tennis player a racket, a speaker… their voice.

Public Speaking: How Public Speakers Influence the Population With Propaganda

As public speakers we have tremendous influence over the behavior, opinions and decisions of people. When our words are a vehicle for propaganda, they can become dangerous but this isn’t always the case. Public speakers have used propaganda to influence people in topics ranging from joining the war effort to stop smoking to beautifying the nation.

Public Speaking – The Different Forms

There are different forms of public speaking, and you could indeed, be a chameleon, and wear different hats, but the best approach at first is to specialize in a particular area of public speaking. Butcher, Baker or Candlestick maker, you cant be all things to all people, so you must DECIDE AND SPECIALIZE.

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