Overcoming the Pull of Social Media

The Art of Telling a Great Story

The art of telling a great story is just that… an art. Learn how to structure your story as well as seven steps to a great story.

Acting Lessons Help Us To Become Better Public Speakers

As public speakers, it can be very easy for us to become nervous or upset about our next speech despite our understanding of the importance of public speaking. This can happen at any time, even to experienced speakers. The big question is what can we do about it?

Professional Speaking Fees – How Much Should You Charge?

What is a typical speakers fee? How much should you charge? This article will help you select a strategy that works for you and event planners.

Advanced Presentation Skills: Wrapping Up Your Speech

The way that you end your speech will resonate with your audience long after your presentation has ended. By using advanced presentation skills when you close your speech, you can deliver a speech conclusion that will set you apart as an expert orator. The quick tips in this article will ensure that your presentation has a grand finale.

Break Glass In Case Of Speech

In a perfect world, we would always be given plenty of time to prepare for our next speech. However, you and I don’t live in a perfect world and that means that because of the importance of public speaking all too often the opportunity to give a speech will just suddenly show up. My question for you is simple: will you be ready?

Common American Idioms Using the Word “Time”

American English is full of idioms and expressions, which can be difficult for ESL speakers to understand. This article focuses on some common idioms and expressions using the word “time.” Do you have the time to learn them or are you so pressed for time that you have no spare time at all?

Help With Your Phobia Of Public Speaking: Learn To Use Gestures

To some extent everyone has a fear of public speaking: even the most seasoned professional speaker knows the importance of a speech, and therefore feels anxiety, which she learns to channel into energy. Many overwhelming thoughts and concerns are related to a phobia of public speaking, but one in particular can be difficult to overcome: What do you do with your hands while you’re speaking?

The 3 P’s: Plan, Prepare, and Practice

Have you ever given a speech without practicing much beforehand? How did it go? Chances are good it didn’t go as smoothly as you hoped it would. If you follow the 3 P’s before giving your next speech, you will be more likely to get the results you desire.

What Not To Do When Speaking To a Group

Have you made any of these common mistakes make when speaking to a group? Check out the alternatives to these public speaking no-nos that you can put into action the next time you’re in front of an audience.

Do You Welcome Everyone?

Have you pinpointed your ideal client yet? If not, here are a couple of questions that will help you focus your message and become very clear who is in your ideal audience. Only then will your business take off!

Want To Share It All In Your Speech? Don’t Do It!

So many people want to tell their audience everything they know about their topic in a one-hour speech. Giving your call to action and making your audience want more is a better option.

Marketing Gold: Your Personal Story

If you’re not telling your personal story during your speeches, on your website, or when connecting with people at events, you’re missing out on a potential gold mine. Here are tips on why and how to start planning this key part of your presentation.

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