OnlyFans Becoming Popular During the Pandemic

A Simple Template for Creating an Inspirational Message

Business success can open doors to opportunities to bring inspiration and motivation to a group of people. Some of the best messages are the true-life experiences and the sharing of the lessons learned.

8 Presentation Tips in Running a Training

Public speaking is said to be the greatest fear in the world; therefore it is only natural to prepare and feel comfortable when making an oral presentation or holding a training. Here you can find several tips to reassure you that any fear can be beaten and you can succeed in your speech.

How A Speaker Can Become Quotable

If we can come up with a memorable statement that we use in our speech, then we stand a chance of making a lasting impact on our audience and sharing with them the importance of public speaking. Now just how does a speaker go about creating a memorable quote?

How Trainers Can Use Webinars to Improve Their Workshops and Seminars

If you’re a trainer delivering workshops or seminars to organizations or the public, tap into the power of webinars to enhance the value of these presentations. Many trainers think the best way to use webinars is to replace their current in-person training courses with online versions (webinars). That can work, but it’s not necessarily the best way to start…

The Need For Corporate Presentation Training

From the day that a person enters school till the day that person enters the professional world, the information flows down from a position of authority. Archaic teaching systems encourage top-down communication in schools where the teachers talk and we listen.

How to Not Use Visual Aids

Presenters too often make the mistake of creating electronic slides that make the presenter obsolete. Here are three simple ways to make sure that your next slide presentation keeps your audience engaged, and keeps you relevant as the presenter.

Speaking to Senior Citizens: Getting Your Message Across

Are you an experienced speaker? If so, you know you have to tailor each talk to your audience. This is especially true when speaking to older adults. These tips, from an experienced speaker, will help seniors to receive your message.

All Great Speaking Voices Have One Thing in Common

There is one word I use to describe the resonance I am looking for in each every ‘real’ voice I discover. While all voices that have had training exhibit a greater depth and breadth of sound – a fuller, rounder quality – some voices will be deeper in pitch, some brighter in tone, others may be darker in quality.

The Ultimate Public Speaking Question: What To Speak About?

What’s the first thing that runs through your head when you are asked to give a speech? If you are like most of us it’s something along the lines of “what the heck am I going to speak about?

Exceed Your Expectations

No matter what the circumstances, you can make them work in your favor. Discover how other speakers have responded creatively to a difficult situation and turned it around.

How To Survive Your First Public Speaking Course

It’s the class college students dread the most; something that makes stomachs a little queasy when looking over a course schedule. It’s Public Speaking 101 (or Speech 101, or any other creative, less frightening, name the school may have come up with). It probably didn’t make the list of things you were excited about doing this semester. However, it’s now a requirement at the majority of schools, so if you want to graduate and move on to the real world, you’re going to have to get it done sooner or later.

Fear of Public Speaking: My Most Embarassing Moment

Fear of public speaking has been surveyed as most people’s worst nightmare. So don’t feel so bad if you’re a complete nervous wreck like I was in my public speaking class. Here’s my story.

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