Olympic Karate KO Results in DQ, Gold Medal for KO’d Opponent

Vocal Abuse Not Just a Result of Shouting or Yelling

We are hearing it more and more each day. We hear it with politicians, ministers, professional speakers, coaches, trainers, singers, aerobics instructors, and even the guy next door. It is called vocal abuse and it results from unnecessary wear and tear on the vocal folds (cords).

Why You Cannot Find Your True Voice With a Book or CD

Do you think Michael Jordon became a great basketball player by reading a book on the subject? How about Lionel Messi? Do you think he became one of the world’s greatest soccer players by listening to a pile of CDs?

Great Speakers and Great Football Teams Are Alike

Football season has started at high school, college, and professional levels. By analyzing how football teams become champions, speakers–whatever their occupation–will find a formula that makes them winners with audiences. This article explores the striking parallels between top-rated football teams and acclaimed speakers.

The Biological Basis of Relational Presence

I believe that every human mind presents a unique landscape, an essentially foreign universe to every other mind. From this perspective, one may choose to see every other being as a creative masterpiece–albeit often with some pieces unassembled. Seeing every person we meet as in the process of coming into creative wholeness would alone make life much more gratifying.

Tell Stories to Engage a Conference Audience

Conference presenters face a special set of challenges as speakers. A conference is a place where many people gather to hear many speakers in a short time. The speakers address similar topics, some of which are of more interest to the gathered audience than others. The most straight-forward way to address these challenges is to remove some of the explanations and analysis from your conference presentation. Fill your presentation, instead, with short stories. Stories have beginnings and endings that separate them from the flow of information. They are easy to imagine vividly, especially when told well. And they represent a natural way to memorize information so that it can be remembered. Storytelling connects with the audience in a way that is direct, powerful, and memorable.

Conference Speakers Suck! Why?

Many conference speakers are oblivious to the pain they inflict on their audience. It’s akin to scratching your fingernails down the blackboard, but do they notice? No, and it’s boring, annoying and insulting. Here are my top reasons why so many speakers do a bad job of presenting.

Public Speaking – What To Do When You Miss the Mark While On Stage

Public speaking can leave your audience with a powerful experience — but other times maybe not so much. As a professional speaker, you’re not supposed to tell people if you’ve had an off day. Everything is supposed to be all fabulous all the time. But that’s just not reality. Some days, for a variety of reasons, you’re just not as “on” as you’d like to be. Here’s a true personal story about an off day I happened to have in front of 250 people because I broke some of my own rules. Read on to see what you can learn from my mistakes! Don’t do these things on stage… or else!

Understanding Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be stressful and it is common to experience fear when public speaking. It is important to recognise the difference between symptoms and causes when experiencing this anxiety. Focusing on the cause of your speaking fear makes it easier to overcome you fear of speaking. This is counter intuitive to what most of us want to do. Most of us attempt to suppress our symptoms which often makes them worse.

What Has Steve Jobs Taught Us About Public Speaking?

After almost 30 years of inspiring others, ill health has forced Steve Jobs to step down from his role as CEO of Apple. And there is little doubt that they will miss his extraordinary ability to captivate audiences with his visions. But why is he so lauded as a public speaker – so much so that his annual product launches were referred to as ‘Steve-note’ instead of Keynote addresses?

Locker Room Interviews Gone Bad

Take it from someone who spent 28 years as a TV sportscaster seeking truth, originality and excitement, you are not likely to find it in a sports locker room interview. If you have designs on being the next Bob Costas or Jim McKay, time to man (or woman) up on the realities. You will probably be too awestruck or afraid to ask the question that really needs to be asked. Or you will weasel out of it with the hackneyed, kiss up of all kiss ups… “How did it feel?”

So You’d Rather Be Dead – Survival Tips for Public Speaking

Whether you’re gearing up for a client presentation, a college lecture, or an awards banquet…and whether it’s your first time or your 100th, you probably feel a little anxiety just before a public speaking engagement. You’re not alone.

Public Speaking for Beginners – 3 Easy Ways to Reduce Stage Fright

More and more studies are showing that a vast majority of people are afraid of public speaking. You can find in some studies that fear of public speaking is more common than fear of death. And yet, every day we are faced with situations when we have to do some public speaking.

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