Oliver Stone on the JFK Assassination Cover-up

Have Your Audience Sit Up, Take Notice, and Learn at Your Next Presentation

Some presentations are designed to simply motivate your audience. Some are designed to educate them. It’s this second batch that is tricky to do. It’s probably not that your presentations are lacking in educational material, but rather it’s the way that you are delivering it that really matters. You need to find a way to deliver the information in the way that adults learn…

Presenters Who Use Naughty Words – Good or Bad?

If you watch TV, go to the movies, listen to top 40 music, or even read books that are on the top seller lists then you are being exposed to what we can call “offensive language” all the time. The big question is if there is so much of this in our daily lives, can we now start to work it into our presentations?

Get a Handle on Stage Fright, The Number One Fear on Earth

It has long been listed among the top five greatest fears in human existence, often right at the top of the heap: Stage Fright. Or, more specifically, the fear of speaking in front of a crowd. Or, more specifically still, the fear of making a fool of oneself while speaking in front of a crowd. That’s the real kicker, isn’t it?

Delivering a Speech? The Best Way To Practice

Hello! If you’re part of those that believe that after you’ve presented X-amount of speeches you no longer have to practice, you are so wrong! I believe that the only way you can believe that is because you don’t know how to practice a speech. So hey, be my guest, use the following tips to help yourself.

Presentation Tips From an Expert

This article contains 4 quick tips to increase your confidence and effectiveness with proven presentation strategies. It focuses on how to add greater value for any audience.

Hands Up Mister!

From the time we’re school children, teachers tell us to stand up and put our hands at our sides while we talk. What those teachers don’t realize is they’re creating stiff, unnatural speakers.

When to Book a Celebrity

It is becoming more and more expected that event organisers book a celebrity. Party goers and even corporate event attendees are increasingly expecting more from the entertainment which they are offered, so it is really no surprise that organisers feel obliged to book a celebrity. In the corporate world, it is not uncommon to book a celebrity to attend annual conferences which the entire team will attend.

3 Tips For Being an Effective Charity Spokesperson

Recently, I have attended several events where people from well-known charities have spoken to ask for money or volunteers. One of the presenters asked me how she could improve her presentation. So I developed three quick tips that could help her become a more effective charity spokesperson.

How to Give a Presentation While Seated

I believe that standing up while teaching and presenting is a good idea. Standing conveys confidence and authority, makes it easier to monitor the room and gauge audience reaction, helps you keep up your energy and allows you to use the full range of non-verbal communications, including gestures, posture and movement. However, sometimes it’s not practical to stand up while presenting due to factors such as room constraints, organizational culture and the short duration of the presentation. So here are 9 tips for giving an effective presentation while seated:

Choosing Your Words – How to Avoid Being Misunderstood by Using Clear Language

Language is a tool that helps you communicate your message to your audience. Sloppy and imprecise language, however, can interfere with your communication. Here are six tips for choosing words that will help you communicate your message clearly, so you can be understood:

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Improve Public Speaking

When it comes to public speaking, have you ever felt like the more you prepare, the worse you do? I know I sure have.

The Truth About Learning Public Speaking Online

Effective public speaking is easier to learn online. Especially when your schedule is crazy busy and there’s not enough hours in a day.

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