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The Best Way to Keep Your Audience’s Attention

If you have delivered only one speech before an audience, you must know that keeping you listeners focused on your message for the majority of the time is far more important than hooking them for a couple of seconds, at the beginning of the presentation. So here are some tips that you can use, the very next time you speak, to help you wheel your fish in, right after you hook them with a hot piece of bait.

The Introduction Is The Key To A Great Public Speech

Advice on the importance of the introduction in how to give a successful public speech. This explains why the introduction is so important with tips on how to start a speech.

How to Get the Audience Involved in Your Presentation

Today’s audience members are not content to sit and listen to a speaker passively. They’re accustomed to communication settings that involve them actively, so they prefer to participate. Yet the speaker will misfire by starting out with trite interactive methods that listeners have grown tired of. Instead, you will benefit from seven strategies the most successful speakers rely on, both before and during the presentation.

Crafting You Own Original Wedding Speech

Why you should not be tempted to trawl the internet and copy other people’s material for your best man speech. Here you will find compelling reasons to create your own original speech material, which does not need to be as hard as you think.

Tips To Make Your Talking Points Fly High

Not every speaking opportunity calls for a full-blown speech. Sometimes the only thing you need to take up to the podium is a set of talking points.

Nothing Ever Happens Until a Sales Person Sells Something

I have been in sales all my life. I have been there and done that! From corner to corner Cafe salesman, to top-level key accounts salesman, to commission only home improvement salesman to business owner. He has carried the bag and understands what it takes to be a Professional Salesperson.

Get Into Your Reader’s and Listener’s Heads Now

The title of this piece really should be Not Only Get Into Your Reader’s and Listener’s Heads, But Also How to Stay There. That was too long a title for this short article. Today, almost everyone is a writer or a public speaker. Some do it professionally, lots and lots are writing on blogs, or doing long social media comments. The number of people speaking out at public forums, churches, and school functions for example has never been larger. All of these writers and speakers would like to be more effective-whether they admit or not.

Professionally Speaking – Delivering Successful 4-Mat Presentations

The purpose of this article is to introduce a model that makes presenting or ‘speaking in public’ easy and ensures all your listeners get the best out of your content. It’s called the 4-Mat model of learning which suggests that individual learners have preferences for how they perceive and/or process new information.

How To Over Come Speaking In Public Anxiety So You Can Give A Speech That Will Be Remembered!

Having anxiety can totally ruin your public speech, and most times a good public speech can lead to promotions, getting discovered, and bolstering your confidence. That is why is it so important to be able to rid any anxiety post speech, so you can captivate the audiences attention to drive your point forward.

Public Speaking: What to Do About Those Butterflies!

Most public speakers will tell you that they suffer from being nervous and having butterflies in their stomach before they are due to deliver a speech. So if you were thinking that you were alone in this… Don’t worry… you aren’t. Here are some great techniques to help you control those pesky butterflies!

Fear and Public Speaking

Because real fears are lodged firmly in the instinctive part of your brain, the Amygdala, your fight or flight response will continue until the cognitive part of your brain, the Neo-cortex rationalizes the fact that there is no imminent harm presented by the object of your fears. With strong desire and real effort, you can convince your brain, in time to accept the negative potential events you fear and eliminate its effects on you.

Public Speaking: Creating Your First Speech

Now that you have decided to get in front of an audience and speak, the first obstacle that you will come up against is: “How do I choose what to speak about?” If you are like most industry experts – there is simply SO much that you could talk about. How do you narrow it down?

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