Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Skepticism Over UFO’s

Boost Your Speaking With The Power Of The Pause

When considering their speaking skills and how to improve them, many people place great emphasis on the words they use and in what context they use them. They also worry about their correct use of body language and other non-verbal communication. These are indeed important aspects of spoken communication but there is one powerful speaking tool that many people fail to take full advantage of – the deliberate pause.

4 Tips to Great Public Speaking

Anyone can speak in public, but not all have the gift to have their audience riveted throughout their speech. Learn how to be a great public speaker through the tips shared in this article.

Rhetorical Devices in the Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is one of the well known public speakers in the world. Whenever he speaks, he makes sure that he always have the ability in getting the attention of his audience. In January 20, 1961, his speech that was dedicated for his countrymen became one of the best inaugural address in history. It contains a number of rhetorical devices that can be used as representations on how to persuade a lot of people. Through extensive analysis, his principal aim on the reasons why rhetorical devices are important can be determined on this article.

Kill Weak Language Part 1 – The Fillers Must Die

If you’re trying to promote yourself as a professional of any kind, especially a professional speaker, then you need to act and speak in a professional manner. Some people spend a great deal of money and time perfecting their external image yet let themselves down badly the minute they open their mouths and talk.

Public Speakers Can Learn From Lawyers

All too often we like to make fun of lawyers – from telling lawyer jokes to laughing at those very bad late night TV commercials that they run. However, if we step back for a minute, we need to realize that a key part of the job of being a lawyer is to give speeches that carry very serious consequences. Perhaps there are things that lawyers can teach the rest of us about giving speeches…

Things to Do Before the Speech to Be Less Nervous

Public speaking’s arch-enemy is anxiety. Stage fright can be overcome, but nervousness is always there even amongst the veteran speakers. There are a few ways you can reduce them anxiety levels. Here are a few.

Why Learning Improv Is Good for Public Speaking

Improv is a well-known comedic technique that has performers working with the audience to create good comedy on the fly. Its principles have started to be applied outside of comedy, and the benefits of having improv skills can apply to public speaking as well.

Are Your Audiences Bored Out of Their Minds?

You have to re-gain your audience’s attention every 10 minutes. Check out these tips to reengage the attention of your audience.

Can You Do It Like the President?

Speaking tips inspired by President Obama. How do your speaking skills compare?

Snap Out of It!

Are you comfortable stepping into your power? If not, snap out of it and own your expertise!

4 Things To Do to Keep Your Audience Engaged in a Public Speaking Event

Public speaking is a lot more than just saying inspirational words. Anyone can do that. Good public speakers know how to grab their audience’s attention. Here are a few tips on how you can do it.

How to Train and Get Educated on Public Speaking

While we are encouraged to speak in public at school, there isn’t a lot of resource on how to do it. If you’re looking to get educated in public speaking, here are a few ways on where to develop your skills.

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