Nancy Pelosi’s Strange Response to Insider Trading Question

How to Improve Your Presentation – By Being a Good Listener!

It may seem ironic that in order to be a good speaker, you must also learn to be a good listener. Adopting these simple strategies will help you become an even better speaker.

Phase 1 to Composing an Impressive Wedding Speech Is Brainstorming

There are 5 steps to composing great wedding speeches. This article covers the first step which is brainstorming.

Public Speaking Anxiety – Tips to Control Your Fear and Engage Your Audience

It has been a common instance that most of us have felt butterflies in the stomach when asked to address a crowd. To most of us, public speaking is a stressful activity. In order to handle stress effectively, you need to believe that life in itself is not stressful. People have learned to overcome their public speaking anxiety with minimum stress. However, the one thing that you should note is that there are a few tips that will help you conquer the fear of public speech.

Why Public Speaking Skills Are Important

An outline of the reasons why being a better public speaker can help you to excel in any area of life. Learn why you need to conquer your fear and start speaking today.

Color at the Lectern Doesn’t Just Refer to What You Are Wearing!

Have you been told that you speak in a monotone when delivering a speech or presentation? You may have been surprised to hear that description about yourself because in normal conversation you are quite animated, displaying a lot of emotion. What happens at the lectern, however, is that you lose all sense of self as you spit out a pile of words in the hopes of getting it over with as quickly as possible.

3 Ways to Be More Expressive in Public Speaking

If you find that you have difficulty speaking with emotion when addressing an audience, then your nervousness is in control and you are not. When that happens, it is not easy to allow for any expression in public speaking aside from the look of near death because you are allowing for your ‘flight’ response to have the upper hand instead of your ‘fight’ response.

Why Every Public Speaker Should Be “Tweeting” (This Means You)

Will these Internet crazes never end? Just in case you’ve been living under a rock someplace and haven’t heard about the “Twitter” revolution, guess what: it’s arrived and this time around as a public speaker you should be an active participant.

How to Interview Successfully? Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Interviews can be scary. What is the best way to prepare for an interview? I find that public speaking skills are essential in almost all aspects of business. This is true for interviewing as well. The fundamentals of good public speaking are also at the centre of a good interview.

Golden Tips to Be a Powerful Speaker

Countless numbers of people have lived and left for the heaven abode but how many of them really made a difference by their amazing gift. Among the great as a fact there were also those who did no invention or any discovery in the physical or mental realms to give to the world a valuable resource for the future. They had something to spell bound the audience in them and the world watched them in admiration. In most people it exists but they have no chance to refine it. But there are ways to be as powerful an orator as the world has ever seen.

Story Telling

Story telling is an art. An important tool of communication for creating interest and developing understand or agreement of audience. I have also acquainted with many wonderful story tellers. As this is more used to carry tradition and culture, family rituals, mythology and civilization, the masters of this art would be more in family, religious and social groups than in any other group. I am fortunate to have seen such a great masters of this art since my childhood. My grandmother and one of the maternal uncles of my father were one of them. Amazing talent. My father’s uncle, my grandfather was a blind from birth but an ocean of intellect and imagination. Master of words and their use. He died about two decades before, in late nineties. In my faded memories I always carry him as a legend for my life.

How to Speak in Different Accents

Learning how to speak in different accents is hard and frustrating at first but can be achieved through constant practice and application. It will generally take years to perfectly deliver and master different kinds of pronunciations. Here is a starter guide to help everyone enjoy the benefits of learning different accents.

How To Get Preaching and Speaking Engagements

Do you have a gift to speak in front of crowds to share products and services? Have you recently written a book and would like to get your story out?

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