“Mr. Jones” Backlash Made Adam Duritz Self Conscious

Breathe Life Into Success – Speak Success With Every Word You Utter

Beyond the obnoxious say it and it shall be so, the reality of speaking success into existence is real. Whatever you think about, speak about, and put in front of you every day is what you will achieve. Are you meant to be successful? Do you strive for success, or do you open your life up and allow success to reveal who you are?

The Dominant Rhetorical Devices in John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in 1961 is considered as one of the most commemorative and greatest speeches in the history of America. This is also probably one of the richest in rhetorical devices, which are extracted, encapsulated and studied in this paper. In this 27-paragraph speech, there are several rhetorical devices employed by John F. Kennedy, namely alliteration, antithesis, anaphora, parallelism, metaphor, antimetabole, rhetorical question, amplification, diacope, asyndeton, polysyndeton, anadiplosis, and hyperbole. Hence, there were about 13 types of rhetorical devices found, dominant of which are alliteration, antithesis, anaphora and parallelism. Based on the encapsulation of findings, there are 20 extracted examples of alliteration, 14 of antithesis, 6 of anaphora, 8 of parallelism, and 3 of metaphor. Other rhetorical devices besides the aforementioned types have one or two examples found in this inaugural speech.

Public Speaking: Perfection at the Lectern Is Not Possible – Just Ask Barbra Streisand!

Considered one of the most demanding actors/singers in Hollywood, Barbra Streisand strives for perfection in all her films and recordings. In both of these situations in which you can edit, touch up, add or detract her, you might be able to say that the finished product is perfect. However, if you are talking about a live performance, I am confident that Ms. Streisand would tell you that she has never achieved perfection.

3 Ways That A Speaker Can Be Remembered

It turns out that a long time ago (1885), researchers discovered that when you tell someone something, despite the importance of public speaking, 70% of them will forget what you told them within one day. It gets even worse: most of them will forget what you told them within hours of hearing it. It turns out that it doesn’t have to be this way. By using a few simple speaking techniques, you can boost your next audience’s ability to remember what you have told them.

What Is Funny to Your Funny Bone?

I listen to the comics on the radio when I’m in the car. So what is funny and why. Here are some things to thing about if you want to be a stand-up comic, a talk show host, a cartoon creator or a mailman.

What to Expect When Trying to Be a Motivational Speaker

The glory and glamor of public speakers attract a lot of hopefuls. However, to stay in the business one needs to know what to expect so as to not be overwhelmed with the hurdles needed to be jumped over.

How to Jumpstart Your Motivational Speaking Career

Public speaking is a hard industry to break into. There are a lot of potential speakers but only a few events. There are a few things you can do to give your speaking career a little push.

Learn How To Speak To Be Remembered

As speakers, when we are creating a speech we want to communicate an idea or a set of ideas in a way that our audience will be able to remember long after we are done speaking. As simple as this sounds, it turns out that it’s actually quite difficult to do.

Don’t Push Your Voice – Empower It!

One of the difficulties people have with their speaking voice is that they have no control over it. They push hard from their throat and vocal cords to speak instead of allowing their sound to be powered by their chest cavity. And the difference between these two practices can be quite extreme.

Speaking Lessons Taken From a KD Lang Performance

Singers have to be great on the stage. Here are several lessons that we, as speakers, can take away from a K.D. Lang performance.

Mic Check – Can You Hear Me Now?

Do you know your preference for ensuring your audience can hear you well during your speech? Find out which type of mic is best suited for you.

Your Introduction YOUR Way – Part 2

Do you have a great introduction? Follow these tips and your introduction will set you up for success!

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