Modern Conveniences Are Making Us Weaker

Create a More Powerful Presentation for Your Audience

A big challenge for most presenters is avoiding giving their audiences too much information. Learn how to craft your material with ideas the audience wants to hear… and nothing more.

Translation Misunderstandings Can Blemish Leadership Image!

At times, inadvertently the poor translation aspects can create a blot on the image of the leaders. For many people, translation may come out as a very easy task. But, in actuality it is not so. The basic definition of translation is “the process of transferring text from one language into another”. The translator should not undertake the work of translation without having sufficient knowledge on the language from which it is translated – and the language into which it is translated. This article is intended to discuss how translation misunderstandings can blemish leadership image.

Stand OUT! Storytelling Tip: Use Conflict to Hook Your Audience

Stories are not interesting unless they have conflict, which creates intrigue and curiosity. It also keeps audience attention until it is resolved. Learn how you can use conflict to create interest in your product, service or idea.

3 Quick Ways To Take The Humor Out Of Any Speech

If you are like most speakers, you are always looking for ways to add some humor to your next speech. That is always a great idea; however, did you know that some of the things that you may be planning on doing could actually be making it much harder for your audience to laugh during your speech? It turns out that this is possible; perhaps we should uncover what you should not be doing…

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: Stop Hypnotizing Your Audience!

Watching someone get hypnotized ON stage can be entertaining – especially when, on cue, the ‘victim’ quacks like a duck or barks like a dog. Hypnotizing an audience FROM the stage is not quite so entertaining. It can kill your credibility and cost you opportunities. Learn how you can avoid this fate when you give presentations.

Master Public Speaking With These 7 Tips

How to master public speaking. With enough experience, it becomes second nature. Here are seven tips to help you along as you master public speaking.

Stand OUT Speaking Tip: Are Your Crutches Hobbling Your Speech?

Speaking without props or devices can be intimidating. Learn how to rid yourself of the PowerPoint, laptops and other devices that create a gap between you and your audience.

Stage Fright: How to Attune Your Nervous System

Nervous system resilience–or regulation–is our ability to stay engaged and present, to stay in our bodies and avoid unhealthy fight, flight or freeze when confronted by potentially triggering stimuli in the environment. Nearly everyone has experienced the stress of being teased or laughed at in environments from home to school to playground. Each such incident is an examples of negative mirroring that suggests we are wrong, incompetent, or stupid. Very often these incidents are traumatic. Such triggering is common for many standing in front of a group, when consciously or not we revisit memories of shame and humiliation. This is one of the primary causes of stage fright.

Preaching When Faith and Vision Are Challenged by Reality

What do you do when the vision of the future you have been preaching and the reality the church is experiencing do not harmonize? The temptation is to act like an ostrich and not see the danger ahead. This article will help you bring faith to your preaching when the world seems to be crumbling all around you. Five areas are addressed with practical help.

The Art Of Matching Your Speech Title To Your Speech

If you are like most of us, the next time that you are asked to give a speech, because of the importance of public speaking you’ll probably spend a considerable amount of time working on the speech. You’ll consider your audience, pick your words, and attempt to craft a speech that will capture their attention and allow you to get your point across. Oh, and then when you have it all put together you’ll remember at the last moment that you need a title for your speech, you’ll quickly think something up, and the poof you’re done. However, does your speech title match your speech?

Don’t Sweat Over Your Next Speech: Talk About What YOU Know and Like

A common problem in public speaking is that people talk about what they think others want to hear. This is a mistake. Learn why you should speak only about subjects you know and like.

Fearless Public Speaking Through Knowledge and Expertise

Nothing boosts your confidence more than knowing what you’re doing or what you’re talking about. If I were a doctor and faced with having to do an emergency appendectomy I would be in a state of near panic if I had no training in doing one or if I had the training but had never done one before. But if I had training and experience my confidence level goes up and fear vanishes.

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