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Fear of Public Speaking Anxiety – 3 Tips to Getting Rid of Public Speaking Anxiety Fast!

Public speaking anxiety can leave you crippled in the dust if you don’t have any idea of how to manage it. Here are three tips that will help you if you are in front of the audience and need some quickie methods.

Speakers’ Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are annoying, aren’t they? Sometimes they sneak up on you, and you’re jolted out of your seat when you weren’t expecting it. They do slow you down. They get your attention in an instant, and force you to hold tight to the steering wheel, so you won’t get off course.

Nervous in Public Speaking? Good

Did you know that nervousness in public speaking is beneficial? While many articles are written to help you try to eliminate or stop those nervous jitters, I want the exact opposite. Yes, I want you nervous. However, I want you to learn how to take control of it.

Wedding MC Jokes: How to Choose and Use Them

Choosing the right wedding MC jokes is one of the most important steps to creating a great wedding speech. Find out how to use them to keep your audience in the palm of your hand.

What To Do in the Few Minutes Right Before Public Speaking

There is a lot of information out there about long-term preparation for public speaking. And there is a lot that can be said. But there’s also a lot one can do in those few minutes right before going up there behind the podium. These things will make you a smoother and more relaxed presenter who can focus on the audience and the message.

Public Speaking – The Secrets To Your Success

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will get any speaker ready for their engagement or prep needed for media interviews. This less threatening model will melt some fears and allow you to get comfortable speaking in public. Easy to use during keynote speeches, presentations, company meetings, and sales calls. There are three moving parts to a good speaker! The first category is voice quality! The rate of speed you talk, your tone and the pitch of your voice. This is just as important as the second moving part which is, consciously composing succinct messaging full of relevant information people want to hear. The third moving part to a good speaker is, exuding confidence and passion, with a hint of persuasion connected to your message. This model allows you to get in the ZONE. The ZONE is a direct connection between your words and audience. Consciously expressing yourself frees you up to connect with your audience.

Spoken English – Important Guidelines (Part 2)

So you stand among those whose spoken English needs a great deal of improvement. Let’s see what this page has for you to follow. Do you fear making mistakes while speaking in English? Making mistakes in the beginning is natural and absolutely unavoidable. So don’t feel scared at all. Try to get over such fright. Having begun the practice, as you proceed in the process, you will feel frustrated and experience anxiety. Learning any language, in fact, is a tedious experience. But do not forget there is price for everything in this world, while the price here is mental exertion for a period of six months. So, you are advised to stay calm and patient all through such practice.

Why It’s Time to Have Your Own Live Events

I want you to picture this: you’re up on stage, your OWN stage, sharing what you know, transforming the lives of people who need your expertise, and in one weekend, earning five or six figures…or more. And the magic doesn’t end there. After the event come the emails, the Facebook fan postings, the testimonials from people telling you that your event was the best they’d ever attended, that they learned so much and experienced real breakthroughs that completely changed their lives.

The Abuse of the Word “And” In Public Speaking

When I teach public speaking, one of the tips I offer is to learn how to stop connecting your sentences with verbal tics, such as “um” or “ah” or “like.” There is a word, however, that is that is sometimes abused in speaking as well.

Presentation Skills

Have you ever been asked to give a presentation? After the butterflies start to assemble in some sort of formation, the next question is “how long do I have to speak?” “You want me to talk for h-o-w l-o-n-g?” “Twenty minutes, please.” “Oh no, I could never talk for that long. How about five minutes?” We finally settled on ten minutes which still seemed like an eternity. Did you ever notice how time takes on such different meaning depending on the task at hand? Ten minutes to play video games seems far too short to a child but that same child will think that ten minutes of sitting quietly in the corner for misbehaving is an eternity. Knowing that you are to stand in front of a group and speak for ten minutes, you suddenly knew exactly how the child felt sitting in the corner. The child actually had the better end of the deal. The child did not have to speak or face anyone.

Spoken English – Important Guidelines (Part 1)

There is no denying that your proficiency in English matters when you come into contact with people in a foreign country. Proper English enables you to conduct smooth and trouble-free conversation with others, or your affairs are likely to get ruined if your weakness sticks out like a sore thumb.

Public Speaking: Become Addicted to Better Speaking

To improve your speaking skills, you must develop an almost addictive attitude to creating, developing, and delivering the best presentations of which you are capable. You are free to use this speech as it is or modified if you find it of value.

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