Michael Easter on The Comfort Crisis

How to Empower Your Communication in 9 Simple Ways

There is much more to communication than almost anyone can ever know. There are rules which apply to conversation which ANYBODY can learn to become more effective with words, and it all starts with YOU. So what better way to start learning these simple techniques, than getting to know more about yourself.

Women and Public Speaking

Because women diligently learn, prepare and practise they are often better public speakers than men. The trouble is that they don’t believe that they are.

The Importance of Public Speaking

Since social media has become such a big part of the business world, people tend to focus on the media more than the social. The “social” aspect plays a huge role when connecting with clients. It becomes personal once you are face to face with a client. Anyone can tweet, update a status or blog, but not everyone has the skill to speak in public.

How To Give A 25 Second Speech

I had an opportunity to attend the IEEE USA annual meeting which was held in Portland, Oregon this year. I was there because I was going to be receiving an award. Now I always like to receive awards; however, just before I left to travel to Portland I got an email that explained the details of the award ceremony. This is when I found out that I would have 25 seconds in which to make any comments after I received the award. Oh, oh – just exactly what does a 25 second speech look like?

Suggestions for Giving Persuasive Speeches

The key to selecting a persuasive speech topic lies in connecting with the audience. This does not mean selecting a topic that you assume the audience would find interesting. It also does not mean that you should limit your selection to your own interests.

Your Speaking Success Insurance

Want to learn what to takes to ensure speaking success? Check out four key pieces that make up your speaking success insurance.

Can We Talk? Five Steps to Acing Radio Interviews

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received an email from a radio producer in Houston, TX, interested in interviewing moi about a recent happiness study. I was thrilled and quickly accepted the invitation to be live on the radio (over the phone) the next morning. I was pleased with the result but things didn’t go as smoothly as expected.

How to Effectively Open Your Presentation

In your opening you need to introduce yourself and your topic without losing your audience to daydreaming. People often meander into their speech and start by telling the audience what they are going to talk about in a sloppy manner – it’s too late, you have lost them already! Statistics say you have sixty-seconds to capture an audiences attention – making that initial approach the most important.

Dressing for Your White House Moments

When opportunities knocks will you be ready for your White House moment? Use these tips to make sure you have a winning image when step on stage and attend industry related events.

Tips for Using Anecdotes in Your Business Presentation

People are always saying ‘tell a story’. It will win over your audience every time. But what stories should you tell in a business presentation? Is it appropriate to start with a fairy tale or funny story? Should I really tell them my own life story? How much of the grueling detail should I really share? In this short article, I’ll answer all these questions for you and give you my easy, four step formula for crafting powerful anecdotes for business presentations.

The Top 7 Attributes of a Great Speaker

A great speaker enhances and adds to what we already know and provides a dialogue on new and exciting ideas. However, what makes a speaker truly great? Find out with the Top 7 Attributes and Tips of a Great Speaker below!

Tell Great Stories and Sell More

Your stories help people connect with you emotionally (which is where sales happen) and make you memorable. This article includes a variety of places you can find juicy stories to share with your audience.

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