Media Coverage of the Biden-Putin Meeting

Changing Speech Habits Can Feel Awkward for ESL Speakers

If you speak English as a second language and are participating in accent reduction training and communication skills training to improve your American English, you may feel very awkward when you first start incorporating changes into your daily speech. Don’t give up because your efforts will be worth it!

How To Tell A Political Story

If you are like me, you don’t really seek out politicians to add to your list of friends. However, whenever an issue comes up that we really care about, all of a sudden we have a habit of becoming very, very interested in politics. As speakers, we need to realize that politicians are also speakers who just happen to realize the importance of public speaking. What might set them apart from us is that they give speeches with a very specific goal – to get or remain elected. Perhaps we can learn something from how they tell stories…

How to Get, or Come Close to Getting, The Speaking Fee You Ask For

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from budding speakers involves how much to charge for a presentation. New speakers always tend to undervalue themselves and are afraid to set a respectable fee. I know at first I was one of these. When someone asked this question I would almost apologize for asking to get paid. While I never said it in so many words my conversation was apologetic in tone.

How to Use Funny One-Liners in Your Speeches

I find that brief, humorous one-liners tend to fit better into the flow of a speech than longer forms of humor and are much easier to use, especially for beginners. Here are a few examples of one line humor and how I connect them to various speech topics. The first thing I do is take a look at my preparation notes and see if I can insert a relevant one liner into the content and flow of the talk. To do this I use the following format:

Are You in Love (With Your Speech)?

One key to giving presentations is to like, or even love, your material. Learn how to choose topics which appeal to you, and consequently, will have a bigger impact on your audience.

2 Ways To Get Your Audience To DO SOMETHING!

I must confess: I do enjoy hearing myself speak. However, when I give a speech in addition to listening to myself talk, I want to convince my audience to actually do something based on the information that I have shared with them. It’s relatively easy to give a speech; despite the importance of public speaking it can be much harder to cause people to take action based on your words. I do have a couple of secrets that I use to make things happen when I talk.

4 Speaking Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur!

How do you want to come across to people when you stand up to speak in public? Confident, prepared, professional? Of course.

Foundations of Public Speaking: Put the Finishing Touch on Your Speech

One of the biggest challenges to an effective presentation is a dynamic delivery. Learn one of the keys to presenting your ideas in a manner that connects with your audience.

Stand OUT! Speaking Tip: Without a Skeleton the Body Can’t Stand

Maximize the impact of your next presentation with a solid structure that follows a logical flow and leads to a compelling conclusion. Overcome common mistakes which cause most presenters to create a disconnection with their audiences.

How to Plan and Organize a Speech People Want to Hear

Effective tips to help you write a speech people want to listen to and pay for. Don’t try to tell the audience too much. Research suggests that people listening to a speaker can only digest six or seven points at one sitting.

How to Connect With People Using Stories

From the cradle to the grave the fact remains, we want to be told stories. You might be tempted to think that our love of stories stops when we leave childhood, but I read recently that adults listen to over 60,000 stories a year. This doesn’t seem unreasonable at all when you consider that every conversation, every newspaper and newscast involves the telling of and listening to stories. Every time we ask someone what they’ve been up to or how things are going we are requesting a story.

How to Use Humor When Speaking in Public

When you use humor in your speeches you have a real advantage over those speakers who don’t. People love to laugh and to be amused so anyone who can accomplish this task is well on the way to success, especially in public speaking. Here are a few effective tips to get you started.

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