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Leading Group Discussion During a Business Seminar

Group discussions can be the most rewarding and the most frightening aspect of leading business seminars. In this article you’ll discover four tips to help make it rewarding.

Best Man’s Speech – It’s About the Bride and Groom

Have you been asked to be your buddy’s best man? Then you’ll need to prepare a Best Man’s Speech! Relax, it’s not as tough, or as intimidating as you might think. There are a few simple things to remember when drafting and presenting your Best Man’s Speech.

Funny Best Man Speech – Own the Crowd With a Funny Best Man Speech

Need a funny best man speech? It can sometimes be nerve wracking but also very exciting to give a funny best man speech in front of an entire matrimonial ceremony.The only way to make the bride, groom and the crowd laugh the whole way through is by preparing your funny jokes ahead of time.

Most Women Grow Up With Two Main Fears: One Is Death, The Other Is Public Speaking

Got to make a public speech soon? How do you feel? Would you rather die?

Public Speaking – Using Appropriate Gestures

If giving presentations or public speaking we must start taking a serious look at gestures. Gestures combined with body language can really put the lid on a crowd. If you plan on going abroad then you need to make sure that while a gesture is ok here in the United States, may very well be an insult in other countries. Check them out in this articles before you go!

Completing an Event With an After Dinner Speaker

So much planning is necessary for any business event. This is particularly true of conferences. It is often the case that at business conferences there is a lot of pressure to impress and the quality of the speakers will be highly influential in forming the opinion that people take away with them.

Professional Speakers – A Protected Species Fast Becoming an Endangered Species

If you’re a professional presenter – a speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or other kind of thought leader who gives group presentations – you’re lucky, because you can do easily what most people are scared to death to do: Stand up and speak in front of a group. Even though other people might have better ideas, or be more passionate about something, or can write better than you can, most of them can’t present it well.

Make Your Messages Spread Like Wildfire

How do you turn your message into something they listen to, act on, and remember long after you’ve gone? Three things matter: Your idea, your audience and the way you deliver the message.

4 Tips for Eliminating the Ums and Ahs, You Know?

One of the most annoying traits among some public speakers, be they professional or novice, is verbal disfluency. According to Wikipedia, verbal disfluencies are, “any of various breaks, irregularities, or utterances that are often not consistent with any specific grammatical construction and occur within the flow of otherwise fluent speech.” What is important to note is the fact that disfluencies interrupt smooth speech.

Boo! How Speakers Overcome Their Fear Of Speaking

Considering just how much effort it takes to give a speech, it’s perfectly natural that every speaker should feel at least some level of nervousness. However, when we start to “shut down” because we’re so scared about giving a speech that’s when we start to realize that this whole nervousness thing has gotten out of hand. What’s a speaker to do?

Do You Know the One Thing Many People Forget to Do in Public Speaking?

It does not seem possible that this one commonality exists among so many people in public speaking. Whether it is for the presentation or the speech, it happens quite frequently and is both visible and audible to an audience. It may only occur in the opening; although, it often continues throughout one’s delivery. Without it, it is sometimes difficult to be heard. Do you have an idea what I am talking about?

The Art of Self-Effacing Humor

In order to deliver a great speak, you can add some self-effacing humor in hear and there to spice up the event. This humor method is simply showing you have a sense of humor as you go about your daily life, just like everyone else. This sets the tone for your audience that they’re just like you!

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