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A Talent for Speaking Is Essential for Business

It is a fact that no matter what type of business you are in, you will eventually have to deal with people personally. Speaking to clients, employees, and colleagues is essential to a successful business, but is not exactly easy when the subject is a difficult one. Things like having to fire an employee or bargaining for a contract with a supplier may be tougher than most average people realize.

The Best Way to Write a Speech

Any speech that you write will be listened to by an audience whose mood you cannot predict, whose eyes you will have to meet at some time and whose attention you had better win within the first 8.57 seconds of your speech. So, do you want to write a speech that grabs your audience’s attention, one that is fit for its purpose and rushes you to the top of the “must listen to” speakers? Then here are some tips to have you writing speeches like a boss!

Oscar Prediction: Poor Acceptance Speeches

The Oscar telecast is a classroom to teach public speakers what not to do when making a presentation. This includes speaking for so long, people tune out. On the Oscar, the music drowns out the speaker. Also, lessons on how to use a microphone not often followed on the broadcast.

Do You Want to Be the Best Motivational Speaker You Can Be?

Over the past twenty years, I have been approached by many inspirational people – all of whom asked me the same question? “How can I be the Best Motivational Speaker?” Many thought it was just a case of cultivating a slick image, have a great website/brochures etc.

5 Ways For Public Speakers To Not Say Sorry

Oh, oh – now you’ve done it. Somehow, in some way, you screwed up. You made a mistake and did something (or in many cases you said something) that was wrong. What are you going to do now? The best thing to do would be to apologize and hope that your audience is using their listening skills. However, it turns out that this is just a bit more difficult than it seems…

Calling All Speakers – Stop Being Boring!

As a speaker, I present more than 50 times a year in a variety of venues and to a wide range of audience sizes. Whenever I’m attending events, whether it is an annual conference, sales training event or luncheon group, I’m always excited to hear other speakers. But to be honest, I’m often disappointed. Those of you who know me well may be shocked to hear this admission because normally I’m an extremely supportive person!

Speaking Too Softly Does Not Speak Well of You

Recently I held a 2-Day Voice & Presentation Skills Workshop in which one of the attendees, named Mohammad, was quite soft-spoken. He came to the seminar not just to work on his presentation skills, but more specifically to learn how to speak in a normal volume of sound. Notice I said normal.

Public Speaking: What Do I Do With My Hands?

Much has been written and said about the importance of hand gestures and appropriate arm movements if we want to be effective public speakers. To the point where many people actually stand there worrying about what their hands are going to do next! This is a deadly trap for in doing so we are connecting with no one and all the pressure is on us. Here’s a simple way to avoid it.

What Are The Best Options For Corporate Entertainment

There are many options for corporate entertainment. They range from comedians to magicians. The choice will depend on what tone you want to set for the event. Comedians are a popular choice for corporate events. Singing acts are a good choice for corporate entertainment. Song, like laughter, is a shared experience. Motivational speakers remain a standard for many conferences.

Why Are Comedians Such A Popular Keynote Speaker At Corporate Conferences?

Comedians are popular keynote speakers at corporate conferences first of all because they make people laugh. Laughter is a shared activity that connects an audience. By opening a conference with a comedian, people relax and feel good about being there. Comedians can also bring an edge or satire to the proceedings, poking fun and perhaps encouraging the audience to take another look at “sacred cows” or things “as they should be”.

Speakers Will Benefit From Author Stephen King’s Advice

When bestselling author Stephen King gave his advice for aspiring writers, he probably did not realize that those guidelines are also valuable for people who want to increase their speaking effectiveness. This article shows how three of King’s strategies will benefit us when we face audiences.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Tips for a Great Conclusion, Even If You Are Nervous

The conclusion is one of the most important parts of your speech, and it is most likely the one that the audience will remember best. If you’re nervous, however, it can be very difficult to pull it off. Here are some tips for making a great conclusion, even if you might be feeling quite nervous about it.

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