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All About What Persuasive Speaking Is

What Is Persuasive Speaking? Persuasive speaking can be characterized as a skill that facilitates change in someone’s beliefs, viewpoints and actions. The main objective of persuasive speaking is to alter one’s thoughts just by using straightforward and uncomplicated statements.

Does Your Audience Like The Way That You Move, Speaker?

This giving a speech thing is hard to do! Think of all of the various things that you need to do at the same time: remember the words that you want to say, keep eye contact with your audience, keep your hands at your sides, maximize your audience’s listening skills, etc. Oh yeah, there’s one more thing – you need to remember to dance…

Making a Speech? Never Forget: Your Audience Is on Your Side

By and large, when you are required to “say a few words” – when you are asked to make a speech – your audience is sympathetic if you hesitate or stumble or say 1998 instead of 1989; they empathise with your dry mouth condition and they know why your hands are shaking. Above all, they are very happy that they are not up there themselves.

If Voice Training Doesn’t Cover Volume and Projection, It Isn’t Voice Training

The other day I received an email from a young man who told me that he was getting a sore throat by speaking loudly at the clubs and wondered if my training dealt with volume. I had to smile when he said that he had read several books on voice and none of them talked about how to increase or decrease the amount of sound you use. They also didn’t discuss projection which involves speaking in a bigger voice without shouting or yelling.

5 Common Misconceptions About the Speaking Voice

When it comes to image, most people believe that their visual image is the ‘piece de resistance’. And, there is no doubt that it is very important both professionally and personally. Have you ever considered, however, the image that your voice projects?

Get Your Presentation Message Across

I recommend to anyone willing to listen that visual presentations are the way to go. Presentations using video and PowerPoint are one of the best ways to convey your ideas and to convince your audience. Don’t take my word for it. A study by famous psychologist Albert Mehrabian indicated that the way people absorbed information during a presentation was 55% visual, compared to 38% vocal and only 7% through text.

Fear of Public Speaking – What Is Confidence?

People who want to overcome a fear of public speaking usually claim that they want to “have more confidence”. In this article I deconstruct the concept of confidence and analyse it as a “absence of insecurities”. Taking on this perspective will help you move beyond your fears of public speaking and reach that state of confidence you are looking for.

Tips For Presenting To A Group

Do you get nervous or anxious when facing a group presentation or public speaking? Read these quick tips for success!

What Shakespeare Can Teach Today’s Public Speakers

Let’s pretend for just a moment that you were a public speaker who lived back in Shakespeare’s time (1564 – 1616). Forget all of those presentation tips that you’ve learned because all of your PowerPoint slides are now gone along with your fancy audio mic systems, and your embedded YouTube videos. It’s just you up there. What’s going to allow you to connect with your audience using their just their listening skills? All that you have working for you is your voice – you’re going to have to really learn how to use it.

The Use of Humor in Public Speaking

Laughter creates a positive atmosphere, and goes a long way toward relieving the tension of both a speaker and an audience. It also serves to grab and, in many cases, hold the attention of the audience.

Improving Your Next Message: As Easy As A-B-C-D

You have a meeting or presentation coming up. How do you make sure this one is better than your last? Follow these four action steps to improve your next message.

Interaction: The Key to Successful Presentations

Failed presentations are costly to organizations. So how do you ensure presentation success? A presentation is successful only if an audience both retains the information and applies it or integrates it into their lives. And how do you make that happen? Interaction.

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