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Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public is an essential skill for any leader, or aspiring leader in business. The dirty secret is of course that most of us lack confidence and many hold fears about Public Speaking. People will actually sacrifice potential promotion because it requires delivering a speech. Public speaking is a leadership skill and which can and needs to be learned.

How To Write a Wedding Toast Speech

The basics of preparing and delivering a Wedding Toast Speech. From a written outline, to the tipping of the glasses, use these simple tips to shine.

Developing The Speaker Within You: For Example

Every good presentation has a good story woven into it somewhere on the way through. Depending on the approach taken, a whole address may revolve around a single story, whether fictitious or factual. And, true to the old adage that truth is often stranger than fiction, there is always a goldmine of true stories out there for the enterprising speaker to avail themselves of. This could include anything from quotes to experiences to anecdotes. Truth is, most people love a good story and if it is presented well will sit, almost spellbound, to hear the last of it.

If You Are Suffering From Vocal Abuse, Voice Training Is the Only Answer

I hear it on a daily basis. People complaining to me that they are constantly hoarse, have a persistent sore throat, or lose their voice by the end of the day. The one I just read about is a young man who wants to speak louder in the clubs without hurting his throat.

Dynamic Public Speakers Grab Their Audience With Their Opening and Never Let Go!

I recently watched a brief video of a woman who was entering a public speaking content and was looking for feedback from other speakers. Her ‘performance’ looked rehearsed, static and flat, lacking in enthusiasm and passion. And, my remarks were just that.

Hypnotic Communication for Public Speaking

Would you like to make your next presentation mesmerizing? Studying hypnosis allows you to borrow hypnotic techniques to create a state of relaxed focus in your audience. As you become more expert in the use of framing, positive suggestions and repetition, your audiences will remember more and connect more strongly with what you are saying. You may even find that you are more relaxed and focused as you deliver your presentations.

Could Interference Be The Reason That Your Message Isn’t Getting Through?

You think that you speak clearly, right? There are no marbles in your mouth or anything weird like that. You speak the same language as your audience. Then why does it seem to be so hard to get your audience to understand what you are trying to tell them? Could it be that there is some interference going on that you aren’t aware of?

Making Speeches Interesting – How Do You Do It?

Are you an interesting person? Do you have any hobbies, unique habits, a tradition of doing things in a different way? Well, if you have said yes to anyone of these areas you are interesting. All you have to do is find a group of people that will think like you do, or have similar interests. Those persons will be your crew, your cheering crowd.

What Was The Experience Like For Your Audience?

I am posing this question because I was recently asked by a fearful presenter if the drug is indeed the cure? If it calms the presenter down and makes them feel relaxed what could be better?

Developing the Speaker Within You: Translation

Many of us will experience speaking through a translator at some time. It can be daunting the first time around, but once we understand the principles and techniques required it can be very interesting and fulfilling. The actual circumstances will vary enormously, ranging from a pre-planned and scheduled presentation to another language group where we have plenty of time to sort out all of the details, right through to one of those impromptu speeches where we have no warning, no time to get acquainted with the translator and just have to follow our skills and instincts. We’ll look at both of these situations in this article.

Stress – Related Symptoms Associated With Public Speaking – Know the Signs and Be Prepared

Are you a whiz at social conversation, but when you want to speak to an audience, you freeze up, your mouth goes dry, your palms may get sweaty and your knees get weak? Believe me, I have been there. From my training and as a public speaker, this article will give you some pointers to help you get control over these symptoms.

Mastering Movement While Presenting

A problem you may have in public speaking is how to move effectively and what to do with your hands. There are no absolutes in being expressive in your delivery aside from exhibiting no expression, the latter of which is boring and most certainly the fastest way to put your audience to sleep.

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