Maajid Nawaz on the Misguided Nature of the War on Terror

How Are Your Public Speaking Skills?

Public Speaking is an art, requiring good oratory and rhetoric skills. To speak in front of a crowd of strangers, or even known people, is not easy.

How to Give a Great Teacher Retirement Speech

Giving a teacher retirement speech can be stressful. There are guidelines that can help to make sure you say thanks to your special teacher that has given so much.

Public Speaking Tips – 3 Tips to Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is an important issue these days. There are many people that need to speak in public from time to time. Especially business men are required to be able to deliver a great presentation. But what do you need in order to deliver a better presentation? What can help you to get better?

Public Speaking – 3 Tips on How to Get Better With Speaking in Front of an Audience

A lot of people are afraid of speaking in public. Not only speaking in public but also speaking in front of friends. The question is why? I think that many people think that they will be embarrassed or that they aren’t good enough at speaking in front of an audience. Yet there are so many ways to get better at public speaking.

Public Speaking Tips – How to Get Better at Speaking in Front of an Audience

Everyone has faced speaking in public at one point in his life. Surprisingly many people fear speaking in public. The problem with pubic speaking is that everyone expects you to be good at it naturally. No one expects you to be a great piano player after having played for the first time but in public speaking that is the case. People expect you to be good at it.

Social and Affective Strategies For Speaking and Oral Proficiency

In the field of education, the so-called social and affective strategies are gaining wider acceptance. Okay, what are these strategies?

4 Tips How to Give Better Speeches

Public speaking has been the fear of many people. You may not be a seasoned speaker but you eventually need to speak at a conference at one point!

Three Most Common Questions About Presenting on TV Or the Stage – Answered!

No matter what your area of expertise, do you find that the same few questions are always asked? I think we all do, and today, I am going to touch on just three of the most common questions that I am asked when I work with people who are preparing their message for the stage or for TV; they just might be what you need to know! So, here ya go!

Retirement Speech Ideas – How to Brainstorm Successfully

You have the honor of giving a retirement speech for a colleague and now you need to prepare. Don’t allow yourself to become blocked by thinking that the speech has to be perfect! That fear is paralysing and leads straight to procrastination.

A Guide to Making Your First Speech in Public

Nearly everyone will be called upon to make a speech in public at some point in their lives whether it is at a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation ceremony, a dinner or luncheon etc. So you have been given the task of making a speech and as it is your first time you are nervous as hell and do not know what to say or how to go about it. This article provides six helpful tips to make your first speech one to remember.

Delivering a Speech – Practice Makes Perfect

Effortless delivery can turn a good speech into a great one. Far too many people spend 100% of their preparation time writing their speech or presentation, forgetting that it’s the delivery that will make or break it.

Confidence Speaking

People often confuse confidence with memory i.e. if you have memorised what you want to speak at a presentation; you cannot go wrong. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

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