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Little Actions That Help You Speak Big-Time

Decades ago, a hit song carried the title, “Little Things Mean a Lot.” Professional golfer Roberto De Vicenzo learned that, quite painfully, at the 1968 Masters Golf Tournament, where he would have entered a playoff for the title if only he had corrected an error in his scorecard before signing it. Likewise, little steps we take in preparing and presenting speeches are just as important as the more obvious requirements, such as mastering our topic. This article recommends some of the little steps that will help make you a big-time speaker.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

When you speak to a large number of people in an organized manner on some specific subject, it is called public speaking. People from various walks of life have to speak publicly in order to motivate, persuade influence, inform or even to entertain.

Why is Everyone Afraid of Public Speaking?

Public speaking is said to be the biggest fear held by people. For some, the mere hint that they may be asked to stand up in front of other people and talk is enough to bring out the cold sweats and maybe even start them shaking and quivering with fear. So why is the phobia of public speaking such a big issue for most of us?

Banish Speeches! Just Tell Stories

Most people fear public speaking because they have been terrorized by their parents and teachers. Forget all the advice you were given. In fact, forget the term “public speaking.” Instead, think of the experience as story telling, just as you would do with friends on a Friday night.

Avoid Exhaustion – Stay Home and Sell

Current technology allows us to meet with people around the world–without ever leaving our home computer. If you have the skills to be effective on Skype, you can fight fewer airline delays, plane changes, boring cities, sleepless nights, etc. It’s worth the time to become comfortable and conversational.

Negative Automatic Thoughts (NATs): Ways to Deal With NATs at the Time of Public Speaking

The negative thoughts are hidden beneath our core beliefs, assumptions or principles. NATs are also said to be the string of consciousness. learn the ways to get rid of thoughts that can hamper the normal flow of your life…

Tips For Preparing Your Elevator Speech

In today’s environment of smartphones, Mp3 systems and other personal technology devices, you have about 10 seconds to capture the other person’s interest before they begin to think about looking at their phone or they get that glazed over look of disinterest. You have a small window and a few seconds to make the moment count.

Become a Competent Public Speaker

When you talk to two or more people at the same time, you are public speaking. When you introduce yourself at a party, you are public speaking. When you share your elevator pitch, you are public speaking. Everybody starts out awfully. You have to improve your public speaking. Life will become easier after you do.

Speak With Confidence, But Not With Cockiness

You have access to hundreds of articles, books, podcasts, and videos designed to help you control your stage fright, so you can speak with unmistakably impressive confidence and poise. I applaud those resources, and every colleague who directs you to them. Yet only rarely do you read, see, and hear guidelines for keeping that confidence boost in check-so that you won’t offend your audience by moving beyond confidence into cockiness. To remedy that imbalance, consider these methods for keeping your healthy ego under control.

From a Professional Athlete to Motivational Speaker: Why This Is a Common Trend

Over the years, it would seem the sports icon retirement plan includes becoming motivational speakers. Learn why they are so often use for speaking engagements, and the excitement they bring.

There Is a Human Touch to Public Speaking – Do You Know What It Is?

Have you ever listened to a speaker deliver a rote or memorized presentation and were left feeling empty? A memorized delivery, be it for a speech, a presentation, or even someone in telesales is definitely a performance; but, it is not a means of communication. And, it is cold to boot!

How to Combat Those Nervous Jitters in Public Speaking

While public speaking may seem like a war in which you are doing battle, it really isn’t. In truth, it is not that different from standing at your desk among a group of people and explaining to them how you successfully won a long sought-after account. It is not unlike sharing a story about a recent experience you had. And, it is certainly not unlike telling a joke to a group of friends at the water cooler.

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