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How Projection Saves Your Throat and Your Listeners’ Ears!

Have you ever noticed that your throat is sore after rooting for your favorite team? Perhaps you teach and find your throat raw after trying to keep order in the class. Maybe you are a trainer, a coach, a politician, a public speaker, or a minister and you are experiencing chronic hoarseness.

To Be a Motivational Speaker: Making It Work

If you are already certain that you want to be a motivational speaker despite the odds including the fact that this is not something that would be paying you really well, then don’t waste a minute more and let your journey begin. It may not be a really tough one, especially if the passion for it is there but it is not all too easy either. There are things which you need to consider and have in order for your journey towards becoming one of the best motivational speakers to begin.

The Best Training for Your Speaking Voice Means Learning to Breathe – The Right Way

If you are looking to improve your speaking voice, your first priority is to find a coach who will teach you how to breathe with the support of your diaphragm. Breathing with this support is something most people are not doing. In fact, 99% of the population is renowned for being lazy or shallow breathers.

Similarities of Public Speaking and Article Writing

It seems to me that writing articles and writing speeches have many commonalities. A great article can easily build a good speech and a good speech can lend itself, with a little tweeking, to become a great article.. Read on for the similarities and how you can put them to use, whether you are writing a speech or an article.

The Best Way To Not Give A Boring Speech? Enthusiasm!

How many times have you gone to hear a speaker only discover that they were a boring speaker? It turn out that the solution to this speaking problem is actually quite simple – get some enthusiasm!

Art of Persuasion

Life is all about reaching goals and achieving certain standards for most of us. And to get there, we need to be able to persuade people to our way of thinking, to help us reach those goals.

What Makes You Different From Other Speakers?

Is speaking in public something you embrace? There are many speakers sharing your message.

Is It “I” or Is It “Me?”

A great many people misuse the pronouns “I” and “me”. Discover how to use them correctly and become among the select few who speak properly.

Practice Your English With Free Video Conferencing

Do you want to learn how to improve English speaking skills through a detailed lesson plan without leaving the comfort of your home? You can do so by using Google Hangout or other video chatting sites that offer free video conferencing. More and more people who want to learn how to speak good English rely on the internet, because it is easy to connect with other learners and native speakers.

Communication Ineffectiveness: Pretext Justification

When we speak, we want our words and statements to sound positive, confident, and direct. Using excuses and rationalizing when we speak takes away from our communication effectiveness and may illustrate a promotional candidate who is less than ready to lead others.

Do You Know the Difference Between Your Specific Purpose and Your Central Idea?

While much talk is given about the delivery of the speech or presentation and the controlling of nervousness, often what is lacking is how to begin the creation of your material. Where do you start? Let’s assume that you have your topic. Your 1st step is to select your general purpose which is either to inform or to persuade.

Is There Such a Thing As a Performance Voice in Public Speaking?

Absolutely Not! I recently read a quip from a man on a public speaking social media website who is working with a voice coach. He said that “her normal talking voice in a one on one situation is massively different to her ‘performance’ speaking voice.”

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