Josh Dubin’s Dinner with Trump That Led to a Presidential Pardon

Overcome Your Fears of Public Speaking

Public speaking is considered to be the number one fear in America, surpassing the fear of death, which is fascinating to think more people would rather lay underground quietly listening than stand tall telling their story to the world. So what is it about speaking in front of an audience that fears many to the extent they would rather keep to themselves than share their products, knowledge and inspiration to the world?

Public Speaking: Is There One Correct Speed for Everyone?

Absolutely not. Some people talk a bit slower; others a bit faster. However, there is a general rate of speed which everyone should fall within. This rate of speed lies somewhere between 140 and 180 words per minute.

How Lawyers, Business Executives and Telemarketers Can Benefit From Voice Training

Corporate Voice Training can give you that all important trait in business–an executive presence! With the right tone of voice you will be able to project a more engaging telephone voice AND be taken seriously in meetings. If you want to be more easily understood and avoid having people ask you to repeat yourself, voice training will enable you to project the confidence that will keep your audience engaged when you give presentations in person, online or over the phone, all of which can increase the bottom-line for your company and help you get promoted.

What Great Presenters And Great Decorators Have In Common

I was talking to a friend the other day about the number of presentations I’ve got coming up. I’ve got to give 5 talks over the next few weeks and I said that this meant I was really busy because, typically, a new presentation of, say, an hour will take me about 4 – 5 full days to put together. That doesn’t necessarily include rehearsal time either.

Panel Sessions: 3 Ways To Make Them Successful Before They Start

Public speaking takes on many different forms. One of the most challenging types of public speaking that we may be called on is to manage a panel session. Panel sessions are a great way to get experts on some topic together in a single place so that they can share their different views on a given topic. However, because of the dynamic nature of this type of public speaking, things can get out of hand very quickly if you aren’t careful…

Higher Ambitions Scream for Mastering Conscious Body Language

When it comes to business communication and the Post-Commercialism era in which we now find ourselves, evidence is building that using soft skills is changing from a luxury to a necessity. What if working with soft skills and becoming more conscious of your body language is going to provide the savvy businessperson with a very sharp competitive edge from now on.

What Not To Do While Speaking In Public

Public speaking seems to be a problem for many of us. Little do we realize that by avoiding some small and silly mistakes, we can carry out a very good session of speaking in public.

Can Quotes Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Speech?

If you are preparing a speech but don’t know the exact content to be included, quotes can come in really handy. However, you need to be careful to choose quotations that are effective and in tandem with the thought process that your speech conveys. While sourcing good quotes is not difficult, figuring out where to put them can be quite a task.

One Way to Speak Better in Public

Whether we like to or not, and no matter whether we are good at it or not, we will all be required to speak in public at some point. To some it is given to preach at church. Others must speak regularly in their work as trainers. Most people must make wedding speeches or eulogies. And we all find ourselves in public meetings where we might want to ask a question or make a comment.

The Luck of the Irish

When one hears the phrase “The Luck of the Irish”, the first thought that often comes to mind is “The Troubles”, the sectarian violence. Who would want that sort of luck? The sort of luck characterised by a version of Murphy’s Law many of us subscribe to-“Whatever will go wrong, will go wrong”. This is speech delivered at a Rostrum club in Brisbane, Australia. The speaker discusses all the positive aspects of Irish culture that makes people around the world see the good side of being Irish or having Irish culture influence their country.

Any Colour You Choose As Long As It Is Black

Black, Black, Black! The chant went up around us as we watched New Zealand All Blacks do battle on the rugby field with the Australian Wallabies in Windy Wellington one wintry afternoon way back in August 1977. Black, Black, Black… it went on and on through the entire game. As far as most spectators were concerned, you could choose any colour as you liked as long as it was BLACK, BLACK and only BLACK and NOT the Green and Gold of Australia. This Rostrum competition speech looks at how the colour black and racism intermingle and offers suggestions about how our modern society now has the knowledge to understand that racism has no place in the lives of human beings.

The Secret To Delivering A Great Speech: Keep It Simple!

Let’s face it, creating and delivering a memorable speech requires a great deal of effort. It sure seems as though if we’re going to take the time to do this, we may as well try to make the greatest impact possible. Although you may have read books or seen people talking about how to give a great speech and they made it seem like there were complicated formulas that you needed to follow, it turns out that what you need to do is actually quite simple.

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