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Public Speaking – One Easy Way to Present Better – Get Organized!

One of the easiest ways to be a better presenter is by organizing your content clearly and logically. It sounds so simple, yet many presenters don’t organize their material; instead, they just throw everything at the audience, all jumbled together with no clear indication of how things relate to each other or to the overall message. Then the audience is stuck with the messy task of figuring it out. As a presenter, your goal should be to make it easy for the audience to understand your content. Here are four ways for you to create a presentation that is clear and organized:

4 Presenter Mistakes to Avoid, Or Please Don’t “Vomit” on Your Audience

At the end of my session at a conference, one of the audience members came up to tell me about a bad session she had attended. She said, “The presenter vomited his content on the audience. It was awful. I would have walked out if I wasn’t sitting in the front row.” That’s pretty strong language! Of course, I had to ask for the details of what made her feel “vomited” on by the presenter. Here are that presenter’s top four mistakes, as described by the audience member – and what you can do to avoid them:

Your College Graduation Speech – Three Ways to Practice

Once you have an idea of what you want to say in your graduation speech, it’s time to start practicing. Practice helps you to get comfortable with your speech and to refine it to something fit for an important occasion such as your graduation. Practice makes perfect!

College Graduation Speech Theme Ideas

If you’ve had trouble deciding how to start writing your speech, this article can help you. Here are three speech themes, I recommend choosing whichever you feel is most appropriate and then building your speech around that one theme.

Making a Technical Presentation – Know Your Purpose

Most times technical people are invited (or required) to speak because it is believed that they have some good information to share. And most technical people just say “yes” without even wondering “what is expected of me…”

Seven Proven Strategies to Transform Your Presentations

Whether you are attending a business networking luncheon, speaking to a group of Sunday school students or attending a one on one business meeting, you are speaking in public. It is something we do everyday. All our lives we have been speaking in public.

Public Speaking – 3 Routines That Will Help You to Become a Better Public Speaker

Every person has spoken in public at least once in his life time. Especially nowadays people are confronted with public speaking much earlier than it used to be. That’s why it makes it essential to improve your public speaking skills. If you are a good public speaker then your chances are much higher to get a job. So what can you do to get better?

Public Speaking – How to Get Rid of Some of the Fear You Have When Speaking in Public

Public speaking is one of those topics that few people truly care about yet everyone has to face it at least once in his life time. Why would people not like to get better at speaking in front of an audience?

Public Speaking – 3 Reasons Why People Fear Speaking in Front of an Audience So Much

There are so many people that fear public speaking these days. Heck, in the U.S. public speaking is the number one fear, closely followed by death. But why do people fear public speaking so much? Why is it that people are more afraid of speaking in public than of death?

Persuasive Public Speaking – How to Become a Persuasive Public Speaker!

Have you ever listened to someone speak before and been totally swept up in what they were saying? And then when the speech was over you felt motivated by what they spoke about?

Fear Speaking in Public? – Can You Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public?

They say people fear speaking in public over death. Can this be true?

Public Speaking – Six Strategies to More Effectively Influence Your Audience

Improving the effectiveness of your public speaking is a short cut to advancing your career or business. Here are six strategies to make your speaking more effective in influencing your audience.

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