Jonathan Zimmerman on The Importance of Free Speech

Engaging Your Audience to Perfect Your Public Speaking Skills

We’ve all been to boring presentations. In the art of public speaking, engaging your audience is crucial to having your presentation be well received and highly regarded.

Where to Find Keynote Speakers in Florida

When it comes to planning a conference event, there are a lot of things you need to think about and handle. There is the development of the event goals and objectives, determining possible dates, creating a conference budget, finding a venue, identifying equipments, pre-selling, promotions and queue management on top of many other things.

Are You a Part of the 25%?

You know the feeling – sweaty palms, dry mouth, butterflies in your belly. You are not alone. According to a study published by the Institute for Mental Health in March 2012, about 75% of us suffer from speech anxiety. Speaking anxiety is defined by a speaker’s level of fear or unease with speaking to a group of people. Even though speaking anxiety is a common and natural reaction to delivering a presentation, here are 5 ways to reduce this anxiety and enable you to become a more confident speaker:

If You Are Seeking Perfection, You Just Failed Public Speaking 101!

What do you think constitutes perfection in public speaking? Is it saying every word perfectly without a mistake? Is it never losing your train of thought or emphasizing a particular word in a particular sentence or smiling at the right moment?

Tips for Practicing and Delivering a Successful Funeral Tribute

There are many different steps to composing and delivering a moving eulogy. One must research the life of the deceased, shape the research into moving words, and then practice and present the speech to ensure a smooth delivery. This article provides information on effective techniques to practice your funeral speech, as well as ideas for how to make the delivery smoother.

Six Important Questions to Ask Before Speaking at a Funeral

If you have taken on the responsibility of composing a tribute for a memorial service, you will be occupied, not only with your grief, but with writing and practicing your funeral speech. However, its important not to forget to ask some elementary questions about the funeral prior to delivering your eulogy. Neglecting to ask the questions in this article might detract from the quality of your memorial tribute, and make delivering the eulogy more difficult for you.

Should I Accept the Difficult Task of Presenting a Eulogy?

If you’ve recently experienced the passing of a friend or family member, you may be called upon to give a eulogy, or funeral tribute. While this is an honor, it’s also a difficult task, especially during this emotional time. You need to be able to decide quickly, and inform the organizer of the memorial service accordingly. This article will help you decide if you wish to take up the responsibility of giving the funeral speech.

Conference Speakers – What Not To Do

Have you ever looked forward to a presentation because it was on a topic that you were keen to learn about only to be disappointed by its delivery? That recently happened to me. I was at a conference where all of the speakers were informative and entertaining… until one particular session. Here are some of the reasons I was disappointed.

Peter’s Fear Of Public Speaking Breakthrough

A fear of public speaking session began with my client Peter (not his real name) asking the question, “Why is it that when I make a presentation in front of a hundred people who I don’t know I’m fine, but when I give a talk in front of a few friends I get really nervous?” I asked him if he could remember a time when he had performed in front of people he knew and it had been a big deal for him.

Perfecting the Art of Public Speaking in Your First Presentation

As overwhelming and nerve wracking as it can seem, your first public speaking presentation is a key step in mastering the art of public speaking. Learn a few key tips to make your experience successful.

Public Speaking Tips – Control Your Breathing During Presentations

Controlling your breathing is essential to feeling relaxed, maintaining your train of thought, and combating a shaky voice when delivering a presentation. This is one of many public speaking tips that can make all the difference in delivering effective presentations.

How to Build Trust – Getting People to Listen to Us

Ways in which we can build Rapport with an audience. Effectively communicating our message by building Trust.

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