John Danaher on Making Jiu-Jitsu More Palatable to Watch

The Best Way to Care for Your Voice

Did you know that your vocal cords are an organ? And, just as the other organs in your body need good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and the avoidance of smoking and drugs, your vocal cords do as well.

Your Wedding Speech – How to Own the Room!

You’ve written your speech and practiced it in front of friends or family. They loved your speech. You are feeling pretty good about it. After all, you put a lot into it. It’s got a couple of great anecdotes you know the guests will love. Congratulations. You’ve got it in the bag… or do you? Many a confident speaker has choked by getting off to a poor start. How do you avoid this?

Tips on Using Humour in a Wedding Speech

Need tips for adding humor to your wedding speech? Although guests always appreciate a good wedding speech with humor, striking the right balance can be tricky. Read our tips and ideas to make your speech a hit!

Wedding Speech Jitters Begone!

This article offers up tips to help you calm those anticipated wedding speech jitters. Yes, wedding season is fast approaching. If you are one of those who will be called on to say a few ‘bon mots’ now is the time to prepare. So congratulations at seeking out help in the early stages!

Every Speech That You Give Is About Selling

Did you know that you work in sales? It turns out that if you are giving speeches, you do. For you see, in every speech that you give you are trying to sell something. It may not be a used car or a dishwasher, but it certainly is an idea or a way of looking at the world. What this means is that if you want to be an effective speaker, then you’re going to have to work on your sales skills.

Public Speaking and The Curse of Perfection

One thing that can prevent people from speaking before groups with ease is the fear of not getting everything just right. As a result they redouble their efforts to get everything perfect, which of course is impossible. So round in circles they go, sometimes for years, prisoners of the curse of perfection. This inspirational article will show you how to cast off these debilitating shackles and start connecting with people as the imperfect human being you are.

When Speaking, It’s All About The Words That You Use

When it comes time to create your next speech, how many colors will you use? I’m not talking about paints, but rather words. For you see, every speech that we give is yet another opportunity to paint pictures in the minds of our audience. The supplies that you have to work with are words. Which words will you use in your next speech?

Speaking In 3-D

Get ready for all of your speech preparation nightmares to end. In this article you will discover three easy steps to taking the anxiety out of speech preparation. Your speaking career is about to change forever, because you’re about to learn how to speak in 3D!

3 Personal Tips For Writing A Eulogy

Three tips on writing a eulogy based upon my own experience of having to write a funeral speech for my father. No matter how experienced a Public Speaker you are, writing a eulogy is very different. This was the challenge I had to deal with when my father died.

Public Speaking: Simple Trick to Underline Your Words and Message

It’s not about yelling! There is an easy way to make your next speech more motivating, more memorable. If you want to underline a point or draw attention to your words, it may be as simple as NOT speaking. Here’s the trick that politicians.and professional speakers use.

Preparing to Craft a Concise Presentation

A local organization has asked you to send a representative to speak on a particular topic. Although you have received these requests before, you always sent one particular person to fulfill this role. However, that person no longer works for the company. Although you have known replacing them needed to happen sooner rather than later, you can no longer put off its importance. Grooming your next executive to craft a concise presentation is important to the organization’s bottom line. How do you begin?

Create PowerPoint Slides, Go To Jail

Argh! There never seems to be enough time to pull that next presentation together. We all know that images are important and so it’s all too easy to have Mr. Google go out and find that one perfect image or quote that so nicely sums up what you are trying to say. However, by doing this have you just broken the law?

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