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Procrastination – Not So Bad After All

I am frequently guilty of procrastination. All my life I have battled with this affliction and seen it as the cause of many of my failures in life.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training – 3 More Presentation Power Techniques

Public speaking and presentation skills training. Three ways to own your stage, message and audience.

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Talking To Strangers And Selling To Them

Fear is the most crippling traits anyone can have. It’s detrimental. Crippling And if not conquered.

Top 3 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips for You to Be a Persuasive and Dynamic Speaker

Here are the top 3 presentation skills and public speaking tips that will guide you to becoming a powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaker. 1. BE A DYNAMIC SPEAKER – well, duhhhh, right?

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills: Communication With Power, Influence & Persuasion

Public speaking and presentation skills. How to: public speaking, motivational speaking, sales presentations or business presentations with power, charisma, influence and persuasion. Influence, win and own hearts and minds.

Am I a Taker Or a Giver?

You must know why you want to be a public speaker. Is it prestige? Is it the money? Or are you there just to give value to those in attendance? By knowing your motivation, you will be able to justify your fees and your efforts. If you do not know the “why” – then you will be focused on yourself. If you focus on yourself instead of others, your reputation becomes egocentrically centered on you. And you will soon find people avoiding you. By learning the process of G-I-V-I-N-G, you will find enjoyment in public speaking, because you will be providing something the audience can use and walk away with. And you promote your brand even further! This article goes into just one step of that. In this article, you will learn what it means to always be G-I-V-I-N-G!

Be A Story Teller

It doesn’t matter what kind of life experience you have had, you have a story to tell. The difference between having a “nice story” and having an “inspirational story” is you! The story teller has to have the ability to bring the listener into the story; to experience the story; and then take something from the story they can use in real life. When you are able to do that, your public speaking career will begin to blossom. That is what this article is about. You will receive three steps to make sure your stories will inspire those that hear them.

3 Ways to Sustain Audience Attention Throughout Your Speech

Most audiences will be courteous enough to listen to a speaker for the first few minutes. So the speaker’s biggest challenge is to keep people listening throughout the entire presentation. This article offers three strategies for sustaining audience attention.

Are Public Speaking Courses Beneficial for Children?

By now you have likely heard of the statistics showing that people generally fear public speaking. Not just fear, but actually deem it more frightening than anything else. It can be shocking for an adult to do such thing, so what chance do children stand against this stress? Well, it turns out that they may even not have to go through it thanks to public speaking courses.

If the Preacher Doesn’t Impress You

This is a sermon I wish to preach one day. If a church would let me.

Loving Yourself When Public Speaking

Has giving talks or presentations been scary for you? Discover why and what to do about it.

Three Winning Strategies for Effective Public Speaking

Knowing how to cultivate good public speaking techniques can make you a more polished speaker; however, it is not what is most critical in making anyone not merely an effective public speaker, but an impactful one. In this article, I share three winning strategies that have helped me, and which I think will also help you find your voice to achieve speaking success.

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