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How To Give The Most Motivating, Effective Presentation: An 8-Step Approach

Wouldn’t you expect, since so many individuals give numerous speeches and presentations, that there would be higher quality, better, more relevant ones, than what we often witness? In my over three decades of giving public speeches and presentations, I have nearly always begun, by stating, “Others might say to sit back, relax and enjoy. However, I want you to focus, learn, and feel, that after our time together, you’re convinced it was time well spent.”

Don’t Take This Personally, But It’s the Simplicity, Stupid!

Today’s audiences are inundated with so many messages that they practically shut down. To make matters worse, most of these messages are convoluted and make the listener work too hard to understand the point. Read on if you want to learn how you can use a successful political advisor’s technique to create a message to which people will respond’

A Speaking Tip From Stand-Up – Beware The M Word!

When comedians appear on television programmes, such as Live At the Apollo, they tend to do between 5 and 10 minutes of material. Of course, these TV appearances are meant to be a taster. They hope their brief appearance on a TV show will encourage you to go and see them live, where they may be doing 30 – 45 minutes or, if they are headlining, even an hour and a half.

Rules of Engagement – Hints for Successful Presentations

Audiences are difficult to engage. This article gives you hints on how to grab and hold the attention of any audience.

Adding Tall Tales To Any Speech Can Make You More Believable

What do you think that your next audience will be expecting from your speech? I almost hate to say this, but do you think that they are going ignore the importance of public speaking and to show up expecting to be bored? If so, then you have a real challenge on your hands. Not only will you have to not bore them, but you are also going to have to bring them back from the edge of thinking that you will be boring them. Not an easy task.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Stories – Not Statistics – Make You Memorable

A common problem for most presenters is that they revert to presentations that are filled with statistics, data, and numbers. Although this information is factual, it doesn’t penetrate to the emotions of the listeners, and compel them to take action. Learn how stories make more compelling cases for your message.

The Power Is in The Pause

Think about a time you listened to someone speak without taking a breath or a moment to pause. Did you find it difficult to pay attention? By learning to use a strategic pause you will not just demonstrate greater power but you will also engage your audience from the very first word.

Are You From New York?

Many people consider their accent a part of their identity, an indicator of where they come from and who they are. However, in some cases, a regional accent may be so strong that it impacts communication or how influences the way that others see you.

Why Leaders Should Not Imitate the Speaking Habits of Political Candidates

Business and industry leaders watch candidates for political office speak hundreds of times during the intensive phase of a campaign. Some executives may assume that politicians are good role models for speaking effectively. However, CEOs and others should not imitate the speaking habits of political candidates, for the seven reasons this article explains.

Why Tell Stories?

Storytelling has become a popular topic in the business world. Why? Is this just another ‘idea of the month’ or does it have long-term merit?

Just How Handy Of A Public Speaker Are You?

There you are: you are on stage and you are giving your speech. You are about half way through your speech when you detect that your audience is being distracted by something. Don’t they know about the importance of public speaking – they should be listening to you! You are not quite sure what it is: they seem to be looking at you, but they don’t really seem to be following you – something else has their attention. Oh my gosh, it’s your hands! Your hands have captured your audience’s attention and they are no longer focused on you! Whatever is a speaker to do?

The Best Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) Are Masters of Brevity

Waffle is boring. Brevity makes you memorable. Your words have more impact. Your meaning is crystal clear. Long-winded introductions and announcements leave your audience confused, annoyed and bored. Here’s how to cut the clutter.

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