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Who Is a Skilled Motivational Speaker?

A motivational speaker is generally hired to motivate of inspire a group of people in exchange for a fee. This is the definition of a professional motivational speaker. There can be different types of motivational speakers. Motivational speakers are also different from the inspirational speakers.

Keynote Speaking – Hone Your Skills Today

When most of us get our first opportunity to be a keynote speaker, it usually catches us off guard and we get very little time to prepare ourselves. Here are a few tips that can assist you in giving your first public speech. It is natural to compare yourself to other experienced speakers and get nervous and anxious in the process. ‘Will I be able to make a good presentation?’ is a doubt that will nag us to no end. But understand that it is the skills, expertise and reputation that you have gained that has presented you with this invitation to keynote speaking.

Searching For The Right Keynote Speaker

Finding the right keynote speaker are be overwhelming. Read these tips to help you find the right speaker for your upcoming event.

10 Benefits of Voice Training That Have Nothing to Do With Your Voice

When I first started teaching voice improvement, I had no idea how many fantastic benefits would result just by discovering your ‘real’ voice. Yes, the voice that is powered by means of your chest cavity versus your throat and vocal folds (cords) is richer, warmer, deeper and mature-sounding. And, with your ‘real’ voice, you can increase your volume without shouting and also eliminate vocal abuse.

Public Speaking – Tips For Controlling Your Rate of Speech

Nothing is more frustrating than listening to a public speaker deliver a speech or presentation at 100 mph. A few minutes at this speed is one thing; however, 50 minutes or more at this pace can easily lose your listeners. Talking too fast is tiring for both you, the speaker, and your audience.

Speaking Is Sexy

Your words hold the power, if you truly want to stand out and position yourself and your brand in today’s marketplace you might want to start speaking (sexy)! Make it a goal to speak with conviction & be confident. What you say should be jaw dropping. Otherwise why should anyone bother to listen or remember what you said in the first place? If you find yourself not knowing what to say, refine your pitch. Make a concerted effort, take the time to “practice what you speak” and communicate effectively so people will remember you and find themselves more engaged to get to know you better.

Secrets To Sizzling Seminar Presentations

In an arena where there is a surfeit of presenters you need to hone your skills and develop techniques that will take you into the realm of presenter extraordinaire. To break into that rare sphere where the population of speakers, seminar leaders, teleseminar and webinar presenters have their audiences figuratively eating out of the palms of their hands, hanging onto their every word, and wanting more; you have to ramp up your game. You have to muster all the skills at your disposal and then some.

Tough Tasks: How To Present To Children

Getting up in front of an audience to give a speech can be a nerve racking experience. If most of the members of that audience are under the age of 10, it can be downright terrifying. There’s no reason to fear the younger set, you just need to adjust both your speech and how you give it in order to be successful. I’m going to tell you how to do both…

Your Presentation Skills May Be Great, But What About the Sound of Your Speaking Voice?

I have belonged to a public speaking network for some time now and it never ceases to amaze me that the members do not talk about the actual sound of the speaking voice. From topics covering the value of content versus delivery to the elimination of nervousness and even ways to find speaking engagements, they never discuss the image of the voice and what it says about them.

How to Connect With Anyone at All Levels

Man is a social animal bounded by relationships, both personal and formal. According to Barbara Colorose, “We control fifty percent of a relationship and influence hundred percent of it”. Influence is the capacity to produce the required effect on the actions, behavior and opinions of others.

Are We Making Sense? How to Appeal to the Senses for a Better Speaking and Listening Experience

As you walk into the room and look round, you see an ocean of unfamiliar faces, hearing their chatter. The time draws close and it’s your turn to the podium to deliver your message. You could smell the sweetness of being in the spot light and yet you taste anxiety as your stomach roars in discomfort and your knees feel weak. Relax and let us make sense of our presentation.

Top Public Speaking Tips – How to Make Your Accent Work for You When You Make a Speech

Does your accent matter when you speak in public? If you have a strong or very distinct accent, is there a case for reducing or even retraining how you talk to become a more effective public speaker?

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