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Developing the Speaker Within You: Coping With Nervousness

It is said that one of the most feared things in the world is to stand before an audience to speak. Some even say that it is equal to the fear of death. But is this really well founded? And what can we do about it? There are some things we can do to manage this feeling of dread. Even better, there are ways to turn our nervousness from being a weakness into a strength.

Should Best Man Speeches Be Funny or Serious?

Many best men struggle with this debate and often make this mistake of forcing in misfit jokes and one-liners. We know that a wedding reception mood is light and joyful and think we need to add even more laughter to the evening. Also your goal as best man is to entertain the bride and groom and make the audience feel good.

How To Give A Great Speech Even When You Aren’t There

Hey speaker, how good of a speaker are you when you don’t get a chance to show up? I’m not talking about blowing off a speaking gig, rather I’m talking about that virtual stage that all of us find ourselves occupying all too often: the teleconference. You might not view this as an opportunity to give a speech, but it is!

Speaking for Great Lengths of Time Is Taxing Your Throat – Especially As You Age

Gosh, that sounds depressing, doesn’t it? It needn’t be however. Yes, your voice ages just like the rest of your body does. The good news for the voice, however, is that you can not only eliminate the discomfort or hoarseness you are experiencing but you can also find your voice improving with age. It is happening to me as well as my clients.

15 Tips For a Giving a Ceremonial Speech

Wedding speeches are probably as old as the earth itself. They have been given for generations. Giving a wedding speech may seem easy for the casual observer; however, a lot of preparation goes into giving that short and simple speech.

Voice Training Can Do Wonders for Your Public Speaking Career

It fascinates me how many people are seeking help in public speaking and presentation skills yet how few realize that their speaking voice is the vehicle for their message. Voice training is not just for actors and politicians. It is something you should strongly consider if you are looking to get on the public speaking circuit.

How To Moderate A Panel Discussion or Facilitate A Brainstorming Meeting

How to moderate a panel discussion, facilitate a brainstorming meeting, or lead a problem-solving discussion. There may be situations when you will be called upon to lead a discussion. It could be panel style set up, like at a conference, or a brainstorming or problem solving discussion. Here are some tips you can use, depending on the type of discussion.

How YouTube Can Help You Write Your Best Man Speech

Just like most other men, you probably looked on the internet for help with your best man speech. Most guys do that as soon as they find out they are the best man. If you google, “Best Man Speech”, you’ll find a bunch of articles, videos, and blog posts that you can use to help you craft the perfect toast.

3 Strategies to Get Buyers to Attend Your Next Speech

Many experts give speeches at industry and association events in search of clients. The biggest challenge: filling the room with buyers, especially when other sessions (and hallway conversations) happen at the same time. Here are three ways to make sure decision makers attend your next presentation.

How to Survive Your Next Public Speaking Event

How about this situation – your best friend just got engaged and you have been asked to be the best man or maid of honor. Yikes, big toast to prepare! Or maybe you have been asked to give a brief speech at a large family event.

The Art Of Public Speaking, How To Master It?

Public Speaking – Does it send shivers through your body and make hands and legs tremble? Does your mouth go dry, does your heart race and do your palms start to sweat? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

How To Become The Best Keynote Speaker

Do you aspire to be the best keynote speaker? Read on as this article can help you become the best.

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