Joe Rogan Clarifies His Vaccine Comments

Public Speaking Skills Benefit From Guiding Your Audience

In a public speech, the presenter must guide their audience through their presentation in order for the listener to fully comprehend the material and walk away with the key points. Learn a few secrets to helping guide your audience through your presentation.

How to Reduce Fear of the Audience

Do you suffer from public speaking anxiety? Learn how to overcome your fears.

Tips on Writing and Delivering a Good Speech for Any Occasion

Public speaking is something that may inevitably happen to you in the future especially if your work calls for it. This is why it would be an advantage for you to be able to write your own speeches for every occasion. However, writing a speech is not that easy especially if you don’t have experience.

Getting To Great – How Great Speakers Are Made

I’m pretty sure that it would be safe to say that we’d all like to become better public speakers. The challenge that we face is that nobody is just exactly sure how to make this happen. I’d like to be able to tell you that because of the importance of public speaking, it’s easy to become better, but the truth is that more often than not it takes some stressful circumstances to help us to reach the next level.

The Power of the Pause

Have you ever listened to a presentation where the speaker constantly used fillers such as um and ah? Many people don’t realise that they’re using fillers until it’s pointed out to them. Once they’re aware of them they can then work on reducing or even eliminating them altogether.

“In Grohl We Trust” – Foo Fighter Delivers SXSW Keynote

It’s not much of a secret that I LOVE the Foo Fighters. To me, they represent a lot of the raw energy and drive that is missing in music today. In short, they rock!

Typical Public Speech Length

What is the typical length of a public speech? There is not “typical” answer. There are, however, some basic rules you can use to decide how long your public speech should be. This article outlines those rules.

Body Language Should Complement Your Words in Public Speaking – Not Detract From Them

Have you ever considered the language your face and body are speaking when you address an audience? Facial expression and body language are two components of colorful speaking that can have a tremendous effect on your audience no matter what your voice is saying.

Educational Motivational Speakers: What Role Do They Play?

Motivation is a self-drive power, which enables an individual to better their performance. Most people in this world are unable to pursue their life requirements due to various reasons. In most situations, people lose hope and need some extra factor for them to survive.

Tips to Prepare for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Preparation is a key element in mastering the art of public speaking. Learn the tips to proper preparation before your next public speaking engagement, and ensure success.

Your Speaking Skills Perfected

Do you feel inadequate when the boss asks you to give a presentation at the next Staff meeting? Do you wish you had the confidence and skill to speak in public? There are proven techniques to developing the very skills you desire! You can be a confident, inspiring, and motivating speaker and presenter! There are proven steps to make this happen.

Go From FREE to FEE Paid Speaking With These Simple Strategies From a Top Rated Pro Speaker

As a Professional Speaker I often get asked by those who have tackled the fear of speaking publicly – “Can I get PAID to do this?” Of course, for me it is a YES! So the first step is “practicing” on a free audience. If you’ve been using your dog while he’s sitting on the couch or, practicing in front of the mirror, or a teddy bear sitting in a chair – it’s time to graduate. So the question is where do I go to speak for free?

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