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A Business Speakers Bureau Helps Minimize Event Planning by Performing Some of the Work

Have you ever considered using a business speakers bureau to ease the work required for finding the best speakers for your business conference or other event? If the answer is no, then here is some information that can help you with future event planning. The sole purpose of a business speaker’s bureau is to assist in finding speakers that will add benefit to your event. Through experience, they know where to find speakers and how to select the best suited ones.

Christian Inspirational Speaker – Make Your Next Event a Little More Uplifting

A Christian inspirational speaker is often associated with church events, gatherings, and charities. They are well known for being able to reach people through spirituality to help others and be a positive influence in their community. While they are perfect for these types of events, these speakers can be used for just for many other purposes. Even businesses sometimes use a Christian inspirational speaker to reach the audience on a more spiritual level.

How to Become an Engaging Speaker

I gotta tell you… it was painful to watch. I viewed a speaking associate’s online videos. She’s a trainer with corporations, Fortune 500 companies and college academia. Prior to that she spent years as an educator in her native country. But her teaching style, which she probably thought is her strength, is her Achilles heel…

Using PowerPoint or Keynote? Blank the Screen!

There are times to ‘see’ the image and listen to the speaker, and there are times to focus solely on the person delivering the presentation. Slides alone are not the presentation!

Read A Good Book Lately? How About “Everyone Communicates Few Connect”

The other day I received John Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently book in the mail. Now I must confess that I had never heard of John Maxwell before his publisher sent me a copy of his book to review, but it turns out that he’s a former minister who has become a very successful leadership speaker and coach.

No More Tips and Techniques for Public Speaking – Honest Answers to Improve Your Public Speaking

Training in public speaking is not just a matter of externals like voice, body language and eye contact. It’s not about conforming to standards or imitating the skills of someone you admire. Public speaking is about you speaking in public. The first thing we must understand is that we have to have something of value to share, to speak about in public.

How to Conquer Stage Fright Once and For All

I think one of the things to be avoided at all costs is the P word – perfectionism. Striving for perfection is one of the most paralyzing, stultifying, deadening and fear-creating ambitions that we can impose on our talks – and on our lives. How much more realistic, vibrant and alive is excellence, personal excellence. To truly do the best you can do, with all your heart and mind, is exhilarating.

Tips for Public Speaking Nerves – Conquering the Fear of Speaking

The fear and anxiety that come with public speaking can make your nerves go out of control. Some basic tips for public speaking nerves can help to master this fear if you take them to heart and memorize these techniques. Ultimately, public speaking fear does not result from the audience, but rather a fear that lies within ourselves that we must overcome through a variety of methods.

Speaking To Be Heard – Tips for Effective Speaking

Speech is a great form of communication. But it also can doom you, if you speak ineffectively. Worse than being forgotten is being ignored. This article tells you how to speak effectively – to a crowd, to someone you are speaking to, at a party, or just about everywhere you have to communicate by talking.

Ten Tips To Presenting For a Webinar

If you have been invited to speak on a webinar or a teleclass as a guest speaker, you’ll want to make a good impression so attendees will be eager to check out what else you have to offer. Here are ten tips that you should be aware of so you are well prepared and present the best possible content that you can.

How to Do a Presentation in School

How do you actually make your presentations interesting enough to wow the audience enough? Here are some tips and tools below to help you do well in your presentation!

How Do You Respond When Equipment Fails During Your Presentation?

Expect your equipment to fail during a presentation or training session. How do you maintain your professional presence and continue to engage your audience when this happens?

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