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Growing To Become A Great Keynote Speaker

Starting out in being a keynote speaker is always the hardest, you need to enhance and perfect your skills in order to generate clients and to be invited as a minor speaker or perhaps a keynote speaker at functions and other events. The best way to enhance these skills is to attend trainings and seminars that teach and train you. You can choose to go freelance at or opt to join a team or a firm of speakers. Should you go freelance always remember that you need to be known as an excellent speaker to easily gain clients, however if you join a firm or a team of speaker it would be much easier for you to grow and learn.

Would You Repeat That?

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion. Here are several powerful rhetorical tools you can use to add power to any presentation, written or spoken. All involve various uses of repetition. For thousands of years, speakers and writers have been using these tools. Now you can use them too.

What To Say When You Speak At A Funeral

Years ago, you might not have needed guidelines for speaking at a funeral, because that responsibility belonged almost exclusively to religious professionals-such as clergymen, rabbis, and priests. However, that scenario has changed. At a contemporary memorial service, it’s quite common to hear a eulogy from a professional colleague, friend, or even family member of the deceased. So knowing what to say at a funeral has become important.

How to Keep Cool When Doing a Talk – 10 Top Tips for Charity Speakers

Giving talks about your charity can sometimes cause nerves, particularly for those that are not frequent Speakers. Our 10 top tips will help to keep those tummy butterflies at bay!

How To Speak Well At Any Occasion

Speaking in public is a big fear today. Everyone has to speak at some point, though. Here’s how to give a great speech every time.

Training For The Trainer – The Final Checklist

As a final check on the aspects that you might consider in your teaching, the following checklist can be useful. You need to consider each of the points and decide if specific points are applicable to your teaching and, if they are, whether you have taken them into consideration with a specific group of delegates.

Do You Know the Difference Between Your Throat Voice and Your Chest Voice?

When most people speak, they power their voice by means of their voice box and throat. To a lesser extent, the mouth and nasal cavities are also acting as resonators, aiding in the production of voiced sound. And, of course, you probably think this is normal. It may be normal for you but, in truth, there is a resonator that is missing in this picture.

3 Tips on Public Speaking – Use Persuasion at Your Audience With Persuasive Public Speaking

Maybe you haven’t noticed how easily its to speak before an audience, you can give a great speech, you could influence them easily to your point if you know how to use this persuasion skill. Now you wish to improve in persuasive public speaking to attain all of this. If you want to enhance your persuasive public speaking skills, then you’ve come to the right place.

Public Speakers: How to Say, “I Don’t Know” From the Platform and Not Lose Credibility

Does being afraid that you cannot effectively field questions by the audience keep you from accepting opportunities for public speaking? You are not alone; believing you will look like a dummy and lose your credibility (or the sale) for not knowing an answer can be overwhelming. Growing beyond this concern starts with a look at this possibility from your audience’s perspective.

The 3 Keys To Telling A Good Story During A Speech

Once you’ve found a way to overcome the fear that we all feel when it comes to speaking in public, you move on to the next stage: wanting to become an effective speaker. I mean, as long as you are going to the effort, you may as well make it count! It turns out that you already have the skill that you need in order to make your message stick with your audience…

Training of Trainers – 7 Steps To Use An Overhead Projector Efficiently

There are many visual resources you can use as a trainer, such as data projector, slideshow, video, PC output and interactive boards. One of the original methods used by trainers and is still used as a standby is an overhead projector.

Training a Trainer – 7 Steps To Relieve Stress During A Training Session

All trainers, tutors, teachers and even professional actors have stage fright before a presentation, training session or public talk. It is a very natural phenomenon. It is due to the stress response or the fight, flight, fright response.

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