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Keynote Presentations

Keynote speeches and workshops require the L F T P elements. L – Does the presentation make you laugh? F – Does it make you feel? Does it touch your heart? T – Does it make you think? P – Is the point of the message profound? The height of listening is frequently immediately following the laughter. People love to laugh. Laughter helps you connect with your audience. Speeches are not stand up comedy routines, but a dash of humor not only breaks up the message, but enhances the message. Humor comes from life itself. Humor is in the situation.

What to Talk About in a Best Man Speech

Are you stoked to be chosen as best man for your friends wedding and now started to freak out a little over the dreaded best man speech? I want to share with you exactly what you need to talk about and how you can deliver an awesome best man speech that has the crowd in tears of laughter.

For the Father of the Bride – A Speech Writing Guide

Your beautiful daughter is getting married and you have just realised that you are meant to make a speech at the reception. This is an incredible opportunity to remind your daughter how you much love her and to welcome her new husband into the family. Here is a basic overview of what your speech should include.

Keys to Staying Relaxed While Public Speaking

You are minutes away from giving a public speech. You feel your chest tighten, your breathing is becoming shallow and you are beginning to perspire. These normal reactions hold true whether your speech is for your high school class or in front of any number of people. To remain relaxed in this situation can be learned and mastered to your benefit. To be relaxed in giving a public speech is truly not that difficult. Actually there is absolutely nothing to fear nor be afraid of.

Acrostic Poem For Presidents

Each line of an acrostic poem begins with a letter which spells out a word. For example, an acrostic poem for PRESIDENTS: Poetry about presidents, when Read by people in the United States, Encourages a sense of national pride. Subtle are the mechanisms by which, In the name of peace we search for Independence or for Democracy or Environmental stability.

The Fear In Public Speaking Is a Good Thing!

The fear experienced before and during a public speaking engagement will never go away. The good news is that fear can be your friend. Anyone can learn how to utilize nervous energy to become a better, more interesting, and more believable speaker.

How To Become Great At Public Speaking

Have you ever seen a great public speaker? The ability to really draw an audience in and to make them hear what you say, invoke an emotional response from them and to move them is something that very few speaker master. For most people the idea of getting up in front of other people is just plain scary and may be one of their greatest fears in life.

Winning the Battle of Public Speaking

For many people, just the thought of public speaking is enough to cause extreme panic. When you consider that it is man’s greatest fear, this is not surprising. While you may regard the act of standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech or presentation as a war that you will lose, might I suggest that you regard the process as a battle instead? In order to win the war, you must first win the battle.

3 Steps for Tapping the Full Potential of Your Speaking Voice

If you want to tap the full potential of your speaking voice, do your homework first and research what is out there. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to improve the voice you already have or would you prefer to discover the voice you don’t know you have?

Rehearse Your Speech By Visualizing It

Novice presenters or public speakers are told to spend hours practicing their presentation – “rehearsal,” it’s called. I used to do the same thing until I found a much better way to remember the content and deliver it with all the passion it deserved. Olympic gold medallists use a similar technique to achieve their goals: Visualization. Here’s an introduction to the technique and why it’s so important to your success as a speaker.

Speaking Tips – How to Answer “What Do You Do For a Living?”

What do you say when you are put on the spot at a party, networking event or seminar and someone asks, ‘What do you do?’ do you label yourself with ‘IT worker’, ‘financial advisor’ or ‘personal trainer’, for example? Or are you prepared with a succinct answer that lets the other person know what you do, who you do it for and how it may benefit them? If you are not, it could mean the difference between a polite nod and ‘tell me more’. Treating every ‘what do you do’ question as an opportunity to grow your business or just to make you sound more interesting, will result in more enjoyable interactions with people. It will also make you feel more confident and at ease in social situations. Listening is also a valuable skill, so don’t forget to ask the other person, ‘And what do you do?’

Public Speaking – 10 Tips For Successful Debating

The opportunity to speak your mind on any particular subject depends on many things. You must first know and understand the subject manner. This knowledge will prevent fear to enter the equation and allow you to speak in a clear and distinguished manner.

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