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The Truth About The Speaking Industry And Creating A Lucrative Career

The Speaking Profession has to do with mindset, positioning, marketing, branding and your message. For those who don’t know me well, I’m a passionate and a tough coach, I say it and tell it like it is because I am super committed to my clients success and growth. So as you continue to read, know that these are the non-sugar coated realities of speaking and getting paid well.

The 5-Minute Prep Before You Present: How To Calm Your Nerves

First off, know that it’s completely normal and natural to be nervous before speaking in front of a group. We are born with two natural fears: loud noises and falling. The other fears are products of our environment including public speaking.

Illustrate for a Great Presentation

Illustrate, Illustrate for a great presentation. When a speaker loses an audience, too often it is a mystery to him. But for the audience, it is not a mystery.

Sometimes Waiting Makes You Sound Funnier

When I give a speech, at the right spots in my speech I would like my audience to laugh. I must confess to never being quite sure how best to go about making this happen. I have spent a great deal of time studying how to add humor to a speech, but my attempts to do so do not always pay off. It turns out that humor is much more than just the words that you say. It also has a lot to do with how you go about saying them – and how you use pauses to make them be even funnier.

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 8 – Tips That Could Save Your Life!

Even if you’ve written the perfect speech and rehearsed it, you could still meet with disaster because of some ‘physical stuff’. In this article we talk about high heels, cell phones, Kleenex, bathrooms, soda pop, dinner and jokes!

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 7 – Script and Microphone

If you get up to the lectern and you realize you can’t read your script, you’re dead! In this article we make sure you’ve written a clear, clean, easy-to-read script so that you can’t make a mistake. We’ll also cover the three types of microphones available to you and which one will suit you best.

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 1 – There’s Nothing Wrong With You!

There is a reason you’re afraid of public speaking and you didn’t do it! Find out who did it to you and how you can begin to turn it around!

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 2 – Blame It On Your Amygdala!

Why do we feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear when we have to take an important test or give a speech? Blame it on your Amygdala, your brain’s fight-or-flight mechanism. There’s a way around your amygdala and around your fear.

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 6 – Live It And Rehearse

The day before your speech I want you to go to the venue. Walk into the room and imagine where your seat will be, where the lectern will be and what the room will feel like when it’s full. Then, rehearse your speech to the point that all you have to do is see a word or phrase and you’ll remember the whole point or paragraph. Live it and rehearse it!

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 3 – Tiptoe Past The Amygdala

When you feel absolute fear and overwhelm at the prospect of giving a speech, it’s the part of your brain called the amygdala that’s causing it. In this article we talk about how the amygdala works, how it’s designed to protect you in threatening situations, how sometimes it’s your worst enemy (like when you have to give a speech) and how we can tiptoe around the amygdala and never let it know we’re afraid!

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 4 – Why Me?

When we are asked to do a public speech, our first reaction is usually, “Why me?” We look upon the request as though we are being punished for something. In fact, just the opposite is true. Let’s change the meaning of what it means to be asked to give a speech and see it for what it really is — he greatest compliment you could ever receive!

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Lesson 5 – Who Are You Afraid Of?

When you are scheduled to give a speech there will be two audiences waiting for you – the one you think is out there and the one that is really out there. Trust me, these are two very different audiences. In this article we look at the difference between what you think your audience is thinking about you and what they’re really thinking!

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