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4 Reasons Why You Should Pause in Public Speaking

For many a nervous presenter, the pause is something that is never attempted, allowed for, or even thought about in public speaking. Yet the best public speakers will agree that allowing yourself to pause is indeed one of the blessings of speaking to an audience. Without that slight break, you leave your audience bombarded with continual verbiage.

Do You Know You Have a Better Voice Inside Just Waiting to Come Out?

That’s right. It is in there, hidden, just waiting for you to discover it. And, it may not be just better – it could be a fantastic instrument, truly your greatest asset.

How to Begin Public Speaking for Business

Speaking in Public has many Important Benefits: You become very good at organizing your message, People look to you as an authority in your field, Opens many doors for you and/or your business, and more. Here are some techniques that work for me.

Public Speaking Checklist – 10 Things to Do Before Every Presentation Or Speech

A quick list of things to do before you make a speech or presentation. By simply running through this quick routine before you have to make a speech, you can help make sure that nothing is going to go wrong which you can’t handle with ease.

5 Ways to Close Your Public Speaking Presentation With Pizazz

When delivering an effective presentation, studies show that people tend to remember the first things you say and the last. This is why it is critical that, in public speaking, you must have and strong closing to your presentation. There are 5 ways that you can ensure that you close your presentation effectively and leave a strong impression in your audience’s memory.

8 Ways to Overcome Your Speaking Fears

Everyone I meet finds speaking in public or presenting to a group of people stressful or nerve racking. Most people would like to avoid the unnecessary stress or nerves completely, however this is not always possible. If you follow the steps I recommend, presenting to others will become less fearful and more exciting.

Presentation Skills Training: Anxiety Isn’t “Out There,” It’s “In Here”

If you ever feel anxious when presenting in a meeting, a presentation or even over the phone, you are imagining that something “out there,” in other people, is producing that anxiety. In reality, there is nothing “out there,” except what your fantasies put there. Realizing this is the key to unlock the secret to power and freedom in a presentation.

The Single Greatest Secret to Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

This secret is one only a handful of people know about and it controls everything. Master it, and you’re destined to become a fearless speaker.

Body Beautiful – When You Give a Speech

How can you make sure the “body” of your speech is not too long and not too short? What do you if you’re giving your presentation and you know you must cut? Learn how to prepare for that in advance. Also, how do you write out only what you need, so instead of looking at your paper constantly, you create a relationship with the audience–and retain it?

The Art to More Pleasing Presentations

Pleasing presentations come in many shapes and forms. A delightful dish in a gourmet restaurant is one. A stunning piece of sculpture can be another. However probably the most important one is how you present yourself to others. Giving a speech is only one example of this. How you conduct yourself in your day to day encounters with your peers is the ultimate test.

Public Speaking for Women: Can We Get Away With Being Funny?

Many people believe that women shouldn’t tell jokes, especially when they’re speaking in public to an audience. But in our equality-driven times, is that relevant any more – or can women be just as funny and humorous as men while retaining their femininity and dignity?

10 Presentation Skills Techniques You Must Know

Ten essential presentation skills techniques to ensure you present with confidence, clarity and calmness. Following these techniques will help you present with confidence but also deliver a presentation that is clear logical and able to connect with the audience.

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